Yet Another Einstein Optical Illusion

I think with today’s optical illusion we officially became most comprehended “Albert Einstein” memorial community. There were probably dozen of illusions that involve Einstein in one way or another. Am not exactly sure why he continues to be such an inspiration to all the optical illusion creators – could be because of his eccentric looks? Dunno. Well I have underlined, and linked all the related keywords within this text, and connected them with related Albert Einstein illusions from the past. If you have a moment to spare, be sure you check them all. I’m sure you’ll have an interesting experience. Oh, and almost forgot – image you see on your left contains a hidden illusion, similar to this old couple. Can you find it yourself? If you have trouble seeing it, be sure to open the image in full size. Btw, some of you complained how you stopped seeing new illusions inside your “My Yahoo” homepage, since we added the little “digg” button. I have temporary removed it, so please comment if the problem still exists.

Click Here for a RANDOM Optical Illusion

31 Replies to “Yet Another Einstein Optical Illusion”

  1. I like the snow-capped mountain range at the top of the pic, and the snow melt, which forms an abstract waterfall.

    The one thing i cant figure out is from einsteins moustache towards the bottom of the pic. I can picture the middle girl, sitting on the rock, which happens to be on the rim of a bathtub in a cavern…but someone explain the double meaning for his hands…i mean, cmon, are they rocks? no, i dont think so…

    Anyways, this picture is sweet. Im a fan, Einstein was the man. He’s a genius, yet whenever we say his name at the end of a sentence, it’s an insult…what’s up with that. I love sarcasm…and rants while intoxicated…and self-referencing narratives that don’t reference themselves until…now.


  2. There is a child at the bottom of his forehead, also the fingers of his right hand the nails have faces, and it also looks like skeletal form.

  3. When I look at the thumbnail in my widget from a little distance, it looks like Santa Claus. I cannot reproduce that with the larger image – I cannot get far enough away!

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