Yes or No? Make Up Your Mind!

Originally discovered and submitted by Hans Von Mulders ***man, I’d kill for having aristocratic Von in my name!***, an incredible ambiguous sculpture you’re about to see was produced by artist called Markus Raetez. What from one angle looks as YES, completely changes in meaning and shape if you look at it from a different angle. So is it YES or NO in the end? Or maybe it’s both! Make up your mind, already!

If these kind of installations ring a bell, you’re right – artists like Guido Moretti and late Shigeo Fukuda experimented heavily with similar kind of ambiguous forms. If you haven’t already, be sure to check Underground Piano from Fukuda and Guido Moretti’s works of art. Let me show you how it works below:

Update: It appears the illusion works flawlessly in other languages to! First two appear to be Spanish and French versions, while I can’t seem to work out the last one on the right? Is it Klingon?

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  1. Thats incredible …. seeing TOM from the one side and MOT from the other ….. I mean ….. thats just awesome ….

    The new standard of MoIllusions ?

    Im thrilled :D

    1. I believe the point is that the top two pics show the end result of MOI and TOI … (ME and YOU) … and the bottom two pics show the intermediate, half-turned views

  2. This illusion remembers me the image in the cover of the wonderful book “Gödel, Escher, Bach: an Eternal Golden Braid”, about the visual tricks/illusions by Escher, the musical ones by Bach and mathematic theories by Gödel.[img][/img]

  3. The same method was used twenty years ago in the cover book of the bestseller by Douglas R. Hofstadter “Gödel,
    Escher, Bach”

    Search with Google images


  4. The “Tom” and “Mot” is the Toi/Moi at different angles. These pictures were probably included to show how the illusion works better. The angles of the bars the letters are attached to are closer to 90 degrees in the last two than in the first two. Sadly, I don’t think it’s klingon…

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