Wrigley’s “Eclipse” – Body Paint Illusions

Coworker of mine has sent me this interesting photo set. As you see, I have attached three creative posters for the new Wrigley campaign. Wrigley’s new product is called “Eclipse“, for which creative director Cristian Schinadeerman used interesting illusionary approach. I believe the title that goes along with the campaign fits perfectly – “Powerful Fresh Breath“. At first I was baffled whether I should categorize this under Billboards, but later decided to post the article as part of the Body Paint category. Body Paint category was updated long ago, but what you may have missed, is that our popular Billboards section is almost finished as well. You can take a sneak peek while your here. Everything is linked correctly, just some titles lack update. getting back to the topic, images below are very convincing and immediately reminded me of our Hand Painted Animals. More examples are available here and here. Some more details about the campaign – Agency: BBDO Chile, Illustrator: Estudios Garrigosa, Photographer: Estudios Garrigosa

17 Replies to “Wrigley’s “Eclipse” – Body Paint Illusions”

  1. Daaaaaaaaaamn1

    first i thought it was a dog wearing a man-suit lol!

    then i read this is bodypainting!

    absolutely amazing

  2. These are all off the Cover of Archive magazine, they could have been from the gum ad seeing its a design magazine. So someone’s copyrighting :P

  3. Ya, I don’t think that they are from a wrigley’s ad, I think someone must have photoshopped that it. But these are still awesome pictures. I love body paint like this. Keep up the good work!

  4. There are also some hand paintings which look like animals, but I don’t have the address to those.
    (I mean actual paintings ON hands ;-)

  5. these are made very well.

    i saw the hand that were painted (very well 2), but i think these are even greater.

    i wish i could do it.

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