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  1. It looks cool! Is that one of those images that was photoshopped to double back on it self (aka mirror it self) I’m just wondering.

  2. I’ve seen larger ones like this, where the picture was about 3 times too long for the screen. As you scrolled, the effect was revealed. The concept is cool, but this one is executed poorly.

  3. I believe you mean “‘shopped”.

    Good god. I can’t believe the level of ‘stupid’ on this page.

    Oh, how Stumbleupon hath failed me…

  4. This is stupid. First off maybe you could typer your caption correctly, as to where it makes sense, I never once get a sensation of anything that has to do with legs. The pictures are just opposite each other in direction, what makes it so interesting again?

  5. hey tyler why can’t you be nice huh?, come on pepole this is a great illusion, if you think that’s stupid well find something better, you….

  6. I think that this is just a picture taken with a super-wide angle lens, or a fisheye / wide angle. No photoshop involved, just using a specialty lens

  7. Ohh…. i havethe right words… Rediculously totally not as amazing as some but still cool brain-numbingly awesome.

  8. ok heres soulotion,when you scroll to the explanation,you see there is a bridge you are standing on,then hwen you scroll down,you look throgh your legs ,then at the ver bottom,you see you have your head on your bak. Very immposiball optical illusion for some people

  9. take a look at the picture..look at the trees before you scroll down… see the difference between the trees..

  10. thats really cool. and if u click on the picture it shows the zoomed out view of it which looks cool as well.

    1. @ Mary — No, it’s not. Observe closely each side is different.

      The photographer photo shopped this, from several series of photographs of the bridge, lined them all up and faded them together.

      It’s not two pictures of the same side of the bridge.

    2. It’s not upside down. Look closely. you’ll notice that the tree branches on one end are different from the ones on the other end.

  11. I agree with Jsld it’s a nice bit of computer artwork but it’s not an illusion because you’re not tricked into thinking anything, you’re just seeing what is actually there!

  12. here it is zoomed out :D [img]file:///c:/Users/aleesha/Pictures/funny%20random%20stuff/bridge.jpg[/img]

  13. As a graphic designer, I fail to see why this is an illusion, or the least bit interesting. It’s simply a number of photos stitched together, and the area where the two images blend together isn’t even done that well. It’s blurry and texture of the bridge is missing.

  14. cool, but I think I’ve seen the floss, The picture in the middle area is I think edited and its a bit abvious that its just joint together or something.

  15. It is a single shot from a rotating panoramic camera (also called a slit scan or scanning camera) set up with the axis of rotation horizontal.

    There are software based and purely mechanical/optical ones – like they use to take those very wide annual photos of school children (when you can run round the back and get in twice).

    1. Not Photoshop! it’s obvious it wasn’t edited after the photo was taken, except maybe for the cropping. It was just a person with a panoramic camera taking a photo of the ground standing in the middle of a bridge. But to be honest, I’d never have the guts to stand there for long. I’d wimp out for someone to come sabotage the bridge.

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