Wire Frame Subaru Impreza Illusion

You ask “how is this computer-generated car outline an optical illusion”? Well, to your surprise, it isn’t computer generated – it’s real life sculpture, created by British artist Benedict Radcliffe. I got these 3 photos from a reader called Zafar Iqbal, who “just had to submit this”. Zafar also added that the sculpture “looks amazing and so non-real“. I agree. It’s like those 3D street lines, everyone thought were also created by a computer. I think these are magnificent (two more photos inside the post). I like “installation” optical illusions very much, and try to post them as often I can. Many of those are really original, but some are also very abstract. Be sure to check other installation optical illusion in my archives. Enjoy!

35 Replies to “Wire Frame Subaru Impreza Illusion”

  1. i wonder if there are any pics with the car under a black light in the dar

    why a suburu? why not a car with nice lines?

  2. If it really is sculpture and not computer generated, why aren’t any people around in any of the pics? It isn’t believable without somebody touching it!

  3. il•lu•sion
    –noun 1. something that deceives by producing a false or misleading impression of reality.

    This appears to be a wire frame image, but it’s not. That makes it an illusion. All illusions could be considered a work of art…

    Poster number 2, you were not first. How embarrassing.

  4. Too cool!! I really thought it was a computer generated pic at first!! Wow, I’d never have the patience for that level of detail!!

  5. wow its amazing! id love to be able to do stuff like that!!!! but i agree with some of u others – y is this an illusion – i just c it as wonderful art.

  6. The first one’s a photoshop job – no shadows, and the only other way’s a drawing on the ground (but a car would interrupt the drawing).

    The second and third, though, are either wireframes or chalk drawings distorted for a perfect perspective.

  7. I don’t think this is real. If it’s a real sculpture, where is its shadow? Unless you’re gonna tell me that it’s made of transparent material. O.o

  8. someone said it was illegally parked on a yellow line…

  9. if you look at the last picture closely you will see faint shadows on the right of the car around the wheels and a small line going from wheel to wheel. very faint but it is there.

  10. are all these pics of the same sculpture? that is, does it still look like a car from all angles? if so, that’s awesome.

    even if its not, still a pretty cool sculpture.

  11. Oh wow, all of the pictures look 2d. Because they are on my 2d computer monitor? WTF is this? A sculpture that looks like a wire frame view on a computer? Throw away the pipe cleaners and leave wire frames on the computer.

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