Window Paradox Illusion


Peter Bukowinski thought I might like his submission, and he was right. The motive in this picture has already been seen, but it is never boring to see new versions of classic illusion. If you look closely, you’ll notice something paradoxic in the window below. Not only does it give you something to think, but also shows an awesome fictional passage to another world. This is illusion isn’t the most complex around, but I really like the image as a whole. Enjoy and please share your thoughts…

  • Anonymous

    it kind of looks like a black hole the way it sucks up the planets or dots or whatever they are

  • Anonymous

    I love the way that if you look at it one way it looks like the window is opened inwards but if you look at it another way it looks like it’s open outwards. I truthfully like this one a lot.

  • macromania

    you know.. i was just reading about black holes on wikipedia!! yea.. and it does actually sorta looks like a black hole =P haha

  • Anonymous

    Opens from both sides.

  • Daniel

    hmm.. try to cover the bottom half of the image with your hand and see only the top half of the image…

    And vice versa…

    You’ll notice the paradox… :)

  • Anonymous

    It seems to open to the right (our right) and the balls are coming out, but on the other hand it´s closing and the balls are going in.

  • Anonymous

    The window is bent at the top and there are planets inside it.

  • Trigger

    I have to agree, A great Picture! I can not stop looking at it!

  • Anonymous

    the top of the window frame doesnt correspond with the bottom

  • Anonymous

    i think i can see fish in the background?

  • x-leah

    i love this sort of illusion. it really hurts your head if you stare at it for to long. great job!

  • Anonymous

    i love that! the top part of the window makes it look like we’re below it, and the bottom part makes it look like we’re above it!

  • Dev

    if you focus on the top part of the window it appears as its opening towards you. however if you focus on the bottom ledge, it appears its opening away from you and the the spheres move away from you through the window. very good illusion!

  • Mitchell

    u cant tell on which wall it’s on and it is knda cool that it’s sucking those things up.

  • Peter

    Great just scroll up and down to cover a part of the photo and you see a nice chance. Greetings from Greece

  • Stephen

    I do not like this one as much as some of the others because I can’t find the illusion, but not bad.

  • Jeannot

    That reminds me of the brilliant works of the famous Dutch mathematican Escher who actually deserves more recognition than he has and anyone who sees (or has seen) his fictious drawings would definitely agree with me! I cannot get enough of this all….

  • Anonymous

    The window seems to open inward or outward depending on how you look at it, and can be facing either the left border or right, which I suppose means those bubbles might be going in or out.

  • cynthia

    wow, this is great. windows opened out or in? planets getting sucked in or spilling out? simple yet beautifully classic.

  • Anonymous

    If you look towards the bottom of the picture the window opens to the blackness. If you look towards the top of the window the shutters look as though they open out to you. Neat.

  • spaceguyp


  • Anonymous

    Hey you damn kids, quit throwing oranges back and forth through my window!

  • garrett

    you get a cool effect if you put your finger in the center.

  • Anonymous

    the window could be expelling or sucking in the dots/planets/whatevers. i like it. a lot. really

  • Anonymous

    no the illusion is that the window can be pointing to the left or right if you focus on it

  • Anonymous

    I can not see it move.
    Been staring at it for a while now and still no movment. Why???
    What’s the trick?

  • ghostrid

    its like your either looking inside or looking out.

  • Xunto

    Very, very cool!
    I love this illusion!
    Nice blog!

  • Zed

    Am I inside a room or outside?! Scary! Am I looking up or down? Cool illusion. It took me about 20 seconds to notice, I wasn’t sure/

  • Sharpie

    lol, its funny looking, i didn’t see it at first, because i was looking at only the top, then i looked down and noticed it.

  • Chelsey-Ann

    I am a bit confused about this optical illousion, could somebody help me?

  • Mika

    It looks nice the way how you can look at it in two different ways.

  • Anonymous

    blah blah blah

  • Anonymous

    Considering all the lame ones we’ve had lately, this one is pretty darned good.

    At first I couldn’t tell if I was on the inside looking out or the outside looking in. Then I saw that the hinged side of the window was different on the top and bottom.

    An impossible object and a perspective illusion all in one. Great job!

  • Anonymous

    In this illusion when you look at the top of the window, it faces one way. If you look at the bottom of the window it faces the other way.

  • Anonymous

    If it does suck these planets/dots, then what is the inside and what is the outside? Wich way are these planets going? I think the blue is the inside and the black is the outside, though I’m not quite sure wich way they are moving..

  • Anonymous

    that is cool look at only th bottom of the pictue it looks like its facing one way look at the top it looks like its facing the other way

  • Anonymous

    It looks like it is open 2 different ways, I like it!!!!

  • Anonymous

    thats cool!

  • Anonymous

    “If you’re new here, you may want to download Optical Illusion of The Day desktop widget”

    I hope you folks are making money off the adds tied to this widget. I love the website, and encourage you to do what you can to keep it running.

    But Man! Am I tired of hearing about the silly widgets or what!

  • Anonymous

    its really cool! from one point of view it looks like its a window facing to the right and from another point of view it looks like its facing the left…very well done!

  • Anonymous

    i like how it can be viewed as looking out the window or up at it.

  • Janae

    This is one of my favorite illusions. It’s probably because I can see it both ways. These are really cool!

  • Anonymous

    i like it

  • then danie said:

    wait.. is it a picture from the bottom outside, or the top inside? this is confusing.

  • omin

    Very nice. The windows realy enhance the standard version of this type of illusion. Escher rocked!

  • Anonymous

    it’s one of those illusions that are two-sided: you look at it one way and see something, and then you look at it a different way and see something else

  • Anonymous

    the window looks twisted.

  • Anonymous

    Oooooh, mysterious.

  • Anonymous

    I get it! if u dont, ITS RIGHT INFRONT OF YOU!!! ♥♥♥

  • Anonymous

    take a look at the window itself

    • Gman

      Yeah, the top is facing as if the window shudders or whatever were outside. The bottom is the other way around.

    • gggfefqgr

      blah popes in the king sardines

  • Anonymous

    Kind of like Escher–perspective makes it appear to open out one way when you focus on the top of the window and the other when you focus on the bottom. Very cool.

  • Anonymous

    It seems you can go in or out the window

  • Michelle

    I love the fact that you’re looking up at the window, at the same time that you’re looking down at it. Very cool!! =)

  • Anonymous

    depending on how you view it, is it opening in and sucking the orbs in, or the other way around?

  • Augustin

    i like the way that if you look up at the top right, the windows open out, and lokking down at the bottom left they open inwards.

  • Anonymous

    Cool it looks like it sucks both sides!! –> and <--

  • Anonymous

    actually, in this image, it’s all about perspective. the top half of the window is on a different angle than the bottom half of the window. easy! :)

  • Donika

    If you look up it seems it’s in the right. If you look down it seems like it is in the left…

  • Maja

    This really looks interesting, the upper part of the window seem to be ‘normal’, the bottom part is turned 90 degrees. Nice effect!

  • Anonymous

    Does the windows open to the inside to the outsite ?

  • Julie

    Yep! Cool illusion–it reminds me of a couple things:
    1) the different galaxies and our desire to learn more about the solar system
    2) the sun and the planets revolving around them — some that we know of and others in other galaxies that we don’t
    I’m not sure if either of these are “right,” but it really does make you think!

  • Anonymous

    That’s sweet how, when looking at the top of the window, the shutters seem to be opening towards me; while, when focusing on the bottom, they open out into the blackness.
    The widow seems to switch orientation as well.

  • Anonymous

    why does my computer not seem to show the comments as they are added? I’m sure someone has commented, yet I see none after a significant amount of time. Is it me or is this part of the illusion?

  • Anonymous

    WOW!! Had to look at it few times before I get the idea!

  • Anonymous

    If you look at it from different positions its a window but facing different ways!!!! woow

  • yankee302000

    Interesting…I like how it switches. Not complex in any way, but still pleasing.

  • BamBam

    If you cover up the top half of the window, then cover the bottom half, you will see the illusion.

    Just want to say thanks for these illusions, I can’t wait for the next one.

  • coolfee93

    the window is like pointing both ways so its like angled… dunno how to describe it… it cool!!

  • Anonymous

    Or pushes planets out

  • therealtj

    Those dots look like the AT&T logo. Cool one.

  • Eva

    thats weird…
    if u look at the top of the window it looks like the window is facing one way but if u look at the bottem its facing a different way…

  • Anonymous

    i cnt tell whether im lookin out the window into space or into a window at space…cool

  • Anonymous

    if u look at the bottom half of the window it seems like ur lookin out the window…but if u concentrate on the top half it seems like ur lookin in2 the window from the outside…cool :)

  • Anonymous

    It looks like a chalk man, kind of, and the windows are in AND out… just look, you’ll see. :)

  • Nav

    when you look at the upper part of the window, it seems like it opens out, but once your gaze goes towards the bottom, it seems like the windo opens in.

  • Anonymous

    I really like this it is so cool the way the orbs are going in at the bottom of the window and it looks like they are going out at the top. i also like the styling of the window frame to make it look like the window opens out, at the top and pushes in at the bottom. Verry Cool

  • Anonymous

    this is cool!!! you can see the window from different angles and views

  • Anonymous

    i think that it looks very kool be-cuz if u look at it one way then there is another way to look at it and i judt think that it looks cool.

  • Anonymous

    cool! the windows open both ways! :)

  • Anonymous

    I already see the illusion, but i dont wanna say so others can get it, but its much like several other window illusions ive seen

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    hurts my head… is the window facing left or right?

  • Anonymous

    Since the top and bottom are facing different directions it makes it seem like their are two diffferent windows.

  • Anonymous

    Will you people get a grip?,I mean sure it is a great optical illusion, but I’ve seen better ones,and I hope that I’m not ofending anyone,because this illusion made me think for about 30 seconds untill I got it.But for real,don’t get excited about the balls.And I hope to add this site to my myspace page.

  • Ward

    If you look at the top of the window it opens in, and if you look at the bottom of the sill it opens out!

  • Mysterious Person

    It’s like the monolith…a kind of philosophy.

  • goldie locks

    wow it can either way it took me a double look, i love it

  • Emmie

    It’s like 2 in 1!!

  • Anonymous

    that is so cool and it is obvious from the second u look at it. It’s not one of those illusions where u have to really look at it and in the end u don’t get it!

  • Mohit

    Its so marvellous………..

    not able to say anything it’s so amazing

  • Grand Jimmy The Grand

    That’s cool, you can look at it from 2 angles

  • DaEgg


  • dragon fire 3000

    cover up the bottom half with your hand and look at it then cover up the top half and look at it!

  • anon

    aaaaahhhh!!!! left, right, up, down, in, out? what way!?!?!?! im dizzy.

    but this is AWESOME!!!

  • this impossible figure is made by istvan orosz,
    great hungarian painter.
    it is part of the exhibition at EXPLORA Science Center in Frankfurt Germany

  • Bob

    In actuality, you are seeing it from underneath it, because if you were above it, in order for it to be conceivably realistic the doors would have to be opening outward, and since you can see them over the frame they are opening inward, therefore you must be below it. Not trying to troll, still a marvelous painting by a very talented artist.

  • spunkspigot

    It’s a much better version of something I tried as a student. And I appreciate that it’s in a size sufficient to exhibit the rich detail.

  • Dee

    if u look at the top youre lookin up but if you look at the bottom youre lookin down

  • Jennifer

    I like this one

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