Who’s Lifting the Moon?

I managed to survive the long trip to the island of Korcula, where I’ll be spending my vacation in next following months. I had some trouble setting up the connection, so I’m posting this using dial-up (modem) connection. It’s taking forever to load the site! Anyway, today we reveal the secret of Moon’s movement. If you thought the Moon is passing our night sky by it self, you were wrong! It uses help of this crane, but this is the first time camera caught the crane in action. It had luck hiding from us for the last few millenniums. Andy Griffiths sent me the photo and said: “Came across this cool optical illusion. Unfortunately I cant take credit for it (and not sure who can), but it’s pretty funky!” Inside you can find another similar relative sizes illusion.

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  1. omg that is insane! these relative sizes etc optical illusions are wicked. more! have fun on your vacation vurdlak ;)

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