58 Replies to “Where Was My Head?”

  1. nice photograph indeed, an old one isn’t it? because of the nice old cars
    (must be an old mirror too then :P )

  2. you can see some of his head if you look closley. On the left hand side. all it is is a man carrying a mirror. theres nothing to get.

  3. he is carrying the mirror on his shoulder at an angle(tilting it slighlty down). i’ve done this before.

    its pretty cool though.

  4. this was actuallly very cool, not the usual unartistic picture you find on this lame website, i really enjoyed this one, you should try to make this cite more artistic

  5. well, u can obviously see that it is a mirror…the 1st time i took a glance i was like WHOA! but then i was like…wait a minute…thats a mirror so really its not all that

  6. well…
    i agree it is a mirror but it could be glass if he had a really long shoulder it looks hunched up so the head could be behind it.

    but yeh its a mirror

  7. the man is holding a mirror and his head is on the other side. the mirror makes it look like his hands are on either side of a piece of glass

  8. Yes… the point is that it’s an ILLUSION – it’s not supposed to be real. There are no headless men walking around. It’s not always supposed to be hard to figure out. You just sit back and say “Wow – that LOOKS cool” the end.

  9. Thank you 22. The illusions on this site and everywhere are PICTURES. Get it people? And if it doesn’t look convincing to you, then make your own and do better. And stop posting dumbass comments, like on the Head On A Plate illusion. Think before you type.

  10. To everyone who likes to brag about how obvious this is: SHUT UP

    we KNOW its obvious

    just because you think you’re so smart it doesnt you should treat the rest of us like idiots.


    the point is about the effect, idiots, not the trick

  11. I should of known mirrors where bad. i’m never holding one again, it might cut off my head! and ‘im definitely don’t need that all in one day. But i just want to add very awesome pic.

  12. Thank u, 31.
    ok, ok, so we all know there’s a mirror.
    I think the point is that the mirror makes it a funny picture (just laugh, instead of getting all tense). LOL. =P

  13. to everyone who said that duh it’s just a mirror – everybody already knows that. it doesn’t matter – at first, it gives the illusion that he has no head, so it’s really the thought that counts.

    it’s a good illusion!

  14. Hey nobody, and I mean NOBODY, bad-mouths this site! Someone here should get arrested. Oh, and nice mirror effect, but can it be proven that this is in fact a man? I mean, it could also be a woman. Never know.

  15. wow can’t people just see this image without trying to figure out what it really is? Its an illusion, “DUH” Who care is its a mirror or a board, just look at it and enjoy it.

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