What’s “Off” In This Optical Illusion Painting?

Artistic optical illusions always fascinate me. I guess one could argue that all optical illusions are artists, and one would be correct, but I’m talking about the optical illusions with a more classic artistic feel to them. Like today’s painting optical illusion…


There’s a whole lot going on in this painting optical illusion here. The image actually contains two painting optical illusions. The painting on the left starts as a framed canvas at the to and gradually transforms into an unframed canvas at the bottom for starters. The left side of the frame on the canvas on the right also transforms into a tree trunk found in the deer painting. And, speaking of the deer painting, he’s actually coming right off of the canvas.

Also, take a look at his face and antlers; these help create the shape of the other optical illusion painting subject’s legs and posterior region. The rest of this subject is formed with the help of the tree stump and water. There’s also a third optical illusion painting in this image. Did you see the painting at the bottom, or did it just look like a table to you?

I’m sure there are a few oddities that I missed in this optical illusion painting. Let me know what I missed in the comments below! When you’re done, please rate this image with the stars below; it only takes a second.

When you’re done checking out this optical illusion painting, head over and check out this artist and her subject!

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