What Is It?

What does this old, vintage photo show? Can you see it? Open the picture in full-size for more details. It was shot by Brown, Barnes & Bell Photo Agency, in Liverpool. The answer is quite simple, but if you still don’t see it, jump inside this article for the solution!

Eventhough it looks like it’s a portrait of some terribly deformed man, actually the solution is much nicer than that. If you flip the photo, the solution will stand bare before you. You will see a nice little puppy taking a nap! Cool Illusion!

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  1. Gosh! I would have never guessed it! This is a cool website. I’ve been following it for a week. Keep it up. :)

  2. Wow, that’s a tricky one! You have to look close if you really want to see the dog! I love this kind of illusions. Keep it up!

  3. icouldn’t see it at first……my friend had to help me…..i also had to go to the article to see it flipped….that doesn’t say much for me does it??????O_o

  4. Oh, and BTW, I didn’t think it was a man, I thought it was a seals head! And Vurdlak, not to be rude, but it’s “Terribly”. :)

  5. That’s really neat. I must say, I really enjoy your site. I couldn’t figure out what that was, till I saw it side view… really wierd… Yet cool.

  6. poor guy. why call him a dog? from the age of the photo he is probably dead by now and i’m sue life was hard. and just because you turn a photo doesn’t make the subject go to sleep.
    i don’t think this is a good illusion.

  7. Reba, thats not a real person… its just a drawing. as of the photo I think that was really cool! A friend had to help me even after flipping it. Neato!!!!

  8. thats like the most creepy looking man i eever seen and then its like the cutest puppy!!!!!! but theres still like that mmans shoulders errrrrrrrrr

  9. Its crazy how many calculations the human brain does when trying to figure out what something is. We involuntarily calculate things like eye location and the distances between features of the face. My brain automatically assumed it was a human, I had to wait til the solution was provided to see the dog. Crazy ass shit.

  10. so cool..!!! i’m always amazed by that kind of illusion…..but all i can say is it is soooooooooooo COOL!!!!!

  11. …………..
    what the hell???
    I thought it was the mask from Phantom of the Opera. Then I remembered that this is a vintage picture. A puppy sleeping. Who would have guessed?

  12. At first I thought it was a mutant. But, of course, not everything is what they seem so before looking at the real answer, I tried looking at it at different angles and I saw that son of a bitch.

  13. well i didn’t look at the “face” at all, because i knew it wasn’t a man. but at first i saw a picture of two people kissing. but then i looked closer and saw closed eyes. scrolling down to realize it was a sideways picture of a puppy ^^ very cute. great illusion

  14. yeah ok well first the man freaked me out! nobody knows that the man is dead until they read it . i could not see the dog until… i found his head. i agree with all of u .. he is freaky but still,it is a cool illusion after ALL.

    1. see that long thing? its the tail…it took me awhile to see it too…dnt think of it as a deformed man, think of it as a puppy taking a nap, curled up

  15. I saw the puppy at first sight anyways.
    I’m not joking. I looked at it and I saw its head, its cute little paws its tail and grass behind him.

  16. at first, i thought woooaaah thats awful! because i thought it was a deformed man, but as soon as i saw some of these comments, and i worked out where the puppy was. i went awwhh cutie!:)

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