Weird Doghouse Illusion

Dindin Whambam (?!) sent another impossible structure. I think it was posted in one of the posts at the beginning of this website, but I couldn’t find it. So here it is again! Dindin said: “Congrats with your blog, it’s pretty amazing all these strange things. Actually I discovered it while I was searching for some mac games haha. Anyhow I send you this weird picture of a doghouse… Something isn’t right with it.” Many more of these impossible structures can be found if you browser through our sidebar! Enjoy…

24 Replies to “Weird Doghouse Illusion”

  1. i think i know how it’s done. where ever the dog house’s wood beams seem to be in two places he might have just cut a hole big enough to seem like they are in two places.
    just my guess

    1. r u kidding mee???
      its built in a manner that it cud create illusion………it would b more obvious when u watch it more patiently n use ur brains……

  2. It’s not impossible, there is a space in the wood next to the guys head. It’s 2 sepret pieces of wood. I think ive proved my point.

  3. tru. it takes a little looking, but i could make a structure like that. all you need is time, and a photographer in the right place

  4. Easy breezy! I know how he did it! And after you hear from me exactly how he did it, you too will agree that he should be arrested for animal cruelty! Okay, here’s how he did it. Except for 1 thing, everything else is normal. See that brown puppy at the top right hand corner? He just dangled it by the wood plank, with no rhyme or reason for safety! The others are alright though!

  5. he canĀ“t do it becase look all the wood pieces/ el no pudo hacer eso por ke si miran todas las piesas una esta atravezada y eso

  6. i know how its done!! the simply build the sides so that the piture u see it the only angle u see the picture properly therefor if u go to a diffrent angle it wouldent be the same !! they showed me in school once!

  7. There are cutouts in the front pieces to allow the back ones to appear overlapping in the front. The structure is all connected but the one which the puppy is on top in the back, which has been placed upon the ground at the right angle to appear to be attached.

  8. My best guess would be that he laid boards of wood on the ground and put pictures of dogs under the boards. Once again, I’m just guessing.

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