Weird Corner Illusion

It looks like our website, Mighty Optical Illusions started to get regular user-submissions… Hurray! Don’t forget to send us your illusions, if you also are in possesion of some. Francisco Delgado sent us this two pictures (2nd image is inside the post) of a building that seems normal at the first eye glance. However, the illusion is that it’s corner, as though it appears having angle of 90º, instead is much smaller! Francisco’s also wrote a description: “I send you two pictures of a building in Salamanca, Spain, whose lines are a bit strange… Something seems to be not quite right. It’s not even a matter of perspective! It’s just that the building’s corner doesn’t make a 90º angle but a much smaller one.”

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  1. You guys are so stupid, little 6th graders, 7th graders, and other retarded little kids…Don’t go into an illusion website if you cannot offer precise calculations to your “So-called explanations”……and learn how to spell all of you…seriously…

  2. i dont get it and i agree with 3224421. that soccorgurl4life is drunk. she needs to go take a nice walk… she needs it and soccor is a dumb sport to begin with. tell her to go take a hike. i bet she could use the excersize.

  3. “You guys are so stupid, little 6th graders, 7th graders, and other retarded little kids…Don’t go into an illusion website if you cannot offer precise calculations to your “So-called explanations”……and learn how to spell all of you…seriously…”

    Not meaning to start a fight, but I find this very ironic coming from a girl calling herself “SoccerGurl4life”.

    Besides, what makes everyone stupid? Okay, one person said they didn’t get it. Big deal.

  4. Hey! don’t make fun of SoccerGurl4life! sure shes a hippocrate and likes an inferior sport doesn’t warrent abuse.
    The fact that she uses “gurl” is alredy enough of an embarassment

  5. I thought she was talking about the people who posted the picture. If so, I totally agree with her. This is dumb. It doesn’t even look 90 degrees. Yep.

  6. Booo SoccerGurlFor…. Well, You get it. Shes Stupid and nothings wrong with not spelling right. GET A LIFE YOU BIG IDIOT!!! (Soccer sucks, too).

  7. I reckon this building might have been specially made to fit on a street corner, maybe?

    p.s. … for the sake of conformity…go get a life SoccerGurl!

  8. First of all:
    “6th graders, 7th graders, and other retarded little kids”

    and how old are you? 8th grade?

    Second of all, there are plenty of buildings like these where I live (New York City). Broadway [street] was made curved, whereas the rest of the streets are in a straight grid formation. Many of the buildings on Broadway are built with a 90- degree angle to accomodate this.

  9. well im a eighth grader! Jeez… there is nothing wrong with being a kid! Infact, it seems most teens and kids are more grown up than you soccergurl4life. Oh and BTW, go baseball! The building illusion is kinda cool in a dumb sorta way… if that makes sense.

  10. As a tenth grader from Australia, I’d like to say one thing!

    Although Soccergurl had no right to call you’s retards, she has a point, stop spamming “I don’t get it” because that won’t give any good comment..

    Stop abusing each other, and comment on the ILLUSION!

  11. i agree with mr…. stop saying i dont get it! we dont care and no one is going to answer you anyway….just keep it to yourself…

    btw soccer is an awesome sport! just because you dont know how to play dont knock it! i bet all yall just sit around watching football which requires less than half the skill of soccer, and as far as the girls go you probably just cheerlead (which isn’t a sport its just a way to prostitute legally)

  12. YAY ‘BICLOPS’!!!

    But you spelled hippocrite wrong haha…

    And a message for “Sk8”
    (assuming you ever read this): Before you say you agree with everything “GreenDayGirl” stands for, you really should read some of the OTHER things she has said on this site…

    I personally have spent much time protesting about her comments- under different names of course hehe.

    And on the subject of the illusion, I can only say…

    I dont get it.
    It’s just a funny shaped building, right?

  13. For your infomation,
    You should check your own spelling before u go critisizing everyone else’s.

    Girl is spelt girl, not ‘gurl’.


  14. so everyone hates soccergurl?? lmaooo dats funny just let her live with her ignorance so what if a few people dont get it it’s all gravy all we have to do is explain: EXPLANATION OF THE ILLUSION: the corner of the building is weird because the corner has three starts

  15. Like I have said on another site, YOU GUYS ARE RUDE!!! STOP TEASING EACHOTHER!!! btw,i’m in 5th grade and I spell better than some of you!!!

    (If your going to just be rude, and say mean stuff about this site,

  16. So I guess that you were never a kid, Soccergurl. That or your parents never let you be a kid. If you want to say something negative get off this site, this is supposed to be a website just for fun. Now get a life.

  17. Holy dang! *Don’t make fun of me for saying dang, I’m only 10* So what if someone posted a stupid comment? I’m not standing up for, or trying to upset ANYONE. I just can’t take the drama. So just leave the SoccerGurl4life issue alone, please. Again, not trying to stick up for, or annoy anyone. Great illusion, by the way! :)

  18. what i really liked about the first pic was the two ppl standing on top looking down as if they want to jump. ;-) turns out it was just chimneys or something. =)

  19. ya lol, the people on the roof! i read that comment, looked at the picture again, and it came to me! By the way, SoccerGurl4Life… learn to spell yourself

  20. Okay, I’m 19 years old and I know how to spell. Seriously SoccerGurl4life, you act like people DON’T know it when they spell things wrong to shorten the word or just for fun. We don’t spell things like that because we’re stupid or anything, it’s just fun to do it that way. And it’s rude to say:

    “You guys are so stupid, little 6th graders, 7th graders, and other retarded little kids…
    Don’t go into an illusion website if you cannot offer precise calculations to your “So-called explanations”……and learn how to spell all of you…seriously…”

    Not to be mean or hurt anyone’s feelings, but it’s mean to tell people that they need to learn how to spell when you didn’t even spell the word “girl” right in your user name. Sorry SoccerGurl4Life, but you couldn’t even say the word “for” in you name either. If you’re gonna be telling people that they need to learn how to spell, check your own spelling first and don’t be mean to people that don’t understand the illusion, Mighty Optical Illusions has over 200 pages of these illusions, it’s like you understand ALL of them either, just stop being mean to people and post nice things.

    Byes to everyone!!!


  21. SoccerGurl4Life,

    I agree with Me, you shouldn’t be mean to people about spelling things wrong when you didn’t even spell things right in your username. I know you spelled it that way to be fun and cool, but that’s why everyone else does it too, just to be funny, it’s not we actually don’t know how to spell stuff, I’m 13 and I still spell things like that for fun b/c spelling things the right way is normal and normal is boring. So feel free to spell things the way you want to, but if you’re gonna spell them wrong (wheather on purpose or not), don’t tell other people to learn how to spell.

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