25 Replies to “Weight Loss Optical Illusion”

  1. This should be angled towards the people walking up the road. So as you walk toward her, she gets less obese.

    I have a couple floating glass pictures I’m going to send you in a couple days.


  2. Zach if you come up with a way to do what you’re saying… — I don’t think perspective will let you do it though.

  3. the only thing i don’t get is that yes, she is wide in the second picture, but she has like flat abs and stomach. So maybe just because im a girl i would say that no matter how much she diets she won’t lose weight making it a bad advertisement. You can’t shrink bones…

  4. This doesn’t look any less different than the one above it. She’s the same size. The only difference is that the bottom picture is stretched. She’s not heavier – look at her arms.

  5. i do not really GET this picture. whats the point? its a woman with a slimfast so what.

    (and yes, i did read the other comments.) *complain*

  6. of topic run evil bunnies are here
    ()() ()() ()() ()()
    (–) (–) (–) (–)
    (“0”) (“0”) (“0”) (“0”)
    (,)(,) (,)(,) (,)(,) (,)(,)
    no wait its the evil penguins i want *gets shotgun* the bunnies have the guns don’t ask me how the did it.
    sorry i had to make a family guy refence her the pic reminds of somthing in the show good job

  7. omg u guys r so mean!!!
    shes NOT obese… so she has curves!?!
    tht diesnt mean shes fat
    its just shes not a fake stick walking around!

  8. The point is, if you see from the side where the slim fast is on the edge, she looks a lot slimmer than when she does from the side, where you cannot see the slim fast, as it’s on the edge. It depends on the perspective. Like it again Vurdlak

  9. What do you mean by “Click on the title of this post to jump inside this article”? Clicking on the only link in this post just leads back here and not to some other article.. what are you talking about??

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