Wavy Floor Optical Illusion

Look how amazingly wavy this floor looks like. I don’t know what kind of drink architect took while designing this, but I sure know I’d like to taste a glass of it, or maybe two. Nah, just kiddin’. What you see below, is actually a picture of the new carpet being installed in the ballroom of the Marriott Solana – in Southlake, Texas. The fact is that the floor is flat. It is the carpet pattern that makes it look amazingly hilly. Great effect, do you agree?

35 Replies to “Wavy Floor Optical Illusion”

  1. I can just imagine the countless weddings and conference dinners with people who have had too much to drink. It’s effective when I’m sober, it must be worse drunk.

  2. future house plans
    1) velcro room
    2) trampoline room
    3) shag room
    4) the wavey carpet room

    apart from the usual roller coaster, waterways, waterfalls, chutes and so on in the future awesome house of tomorrow. ^^

  3. Man this is so cool! I won’t even begin to imagine how they do things like this! Not only this one but even all the other illusions! It is totally amazing!!!

  4. I hate carpet. I have tile throughout my entire house, bedrooms, bathroom, closets, everywhere. If I want softer floor covering somewhere, then I use an area rug.

    Just looking at the picture makes me sick. I can’t imagine trying to walk across the room sober. One beer put me under the table. Two or three beer over the course of an evening and that carpet would do me in.

  5. I think i know what i want for kwanza now, cause my carpet smells like 3 dead cows, 4 stuffed pigs, six rotten eggs, and 3 burned piles of rubber

  6. Very cool! No matter how much I try to figure it out, it just doesn’t go flat for me.

    I agree with the one anonymous…I want that carpet, too!

  7. But not only the carpet pattern makes the effect, also the lights and shadow that were arrange in that room. Which makes it even more amazing. Kudos for the designer/architect

  8. in the hard rock café munich the walls in the bathroom look like they are not straight an when you drunk too much you definitely will fall!

  9. i would totally love tht for my carpet! it would be cool and i would fool all my friends (probably not, but it’d be fun to see their reactions!)

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