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By on January 18, 2014, with 0 Comments

How’s everyone doing today? It’s Saturday, so I hope that all of you out there are taking some time off from work and enjoying your weekend. Today, I’m going to show you an optical illusion known as the “Waterfall Water Bottle Optical Illusion,” and it shows you that anyone out there possesses the ability to make their own optical illusions. For instance, this illusion looks as if it was created by someone that was on vacation, they were enjoying some beautiful scenery and they decided to get a little bit creative. Scroll down below to check out this beautiful optical illusion.

Waterfall Water Bottle Optical Illusion

Now, as you can see, this is a very simple effect that this person has achieved, but it’s very beautiful, as well. Like I said, this is one of those images that just shows you that you can create an optical illusion with just a little bit of creativity. So, with that being said, make sure you rate this Anamorphosis Optical Illusion below and if you’d like, leave a comment with your thoughts. I would absolutely love to hear what you think about this one as I highly value your feedback! I certainly hope you’re enjoying your weekend! Take it easy.