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  1. These are SO cool! this looks completely photoshopped, but all the details are so astounding I even doubt that. What a concept- water flames.

    1. the person who took these pictures probably took the pictures of the water spills firs the Photoshoped them onto the other pictures.

  2. so wait, is the water splashing down and the photogropher just took the picture at the time where it looked like somethin cool?

    1. No these are all photoshopped. I saw it on the guy who made these’s website. He confirmed that they were. They are pretty B.A though.

  3. I would like to get that camera… One which can take ultra sharp pictures like these…
    Keep the good work on the site going on…
    I have made this site my homepage so that I dont miss out even a single illusion…

  4. That last one is pretty cool, I’m really wondering how he did it (make a drop of water and take the picture when the drop feel in place?) But i like the first one the best.

  5. waw… these are great pictures. I’m curious about how they are done? I understand the camera is fast but how did he get those flame like shapes? Is it possible to get them in full size?

  6. I love the one with the lighter and I wanted to ask if you have them in higher quality so one could use them as background picture!

  7. neat-o. I think I’ve seen something like that before – the still shots of water hitting things. but I never attributed the shape to a flame before! way cool!

  8. (adding to my last reply) the gas stove one is upside down – I remember doing that last week in the kitchen. (most of these look upsidedown, I’m just not sure how they did the match or candle one!)

  9. OMG these are amazing, how’d he do it?

    i copied and pasted them all into paint and saved them all as one photo and am using that as my background.

  10. Ooh…it was a photoshop. Just figured it out by using blue’s link. I knew it was too good to be real. Very nice still.

  11. Sorry to burst everyone’s bubble BUT…it is not photography. These images are built in 3D CGI by Platinum in Brazil. Although, alot of stuff they do is a combination of 3D, Photography and Photoshop. I had the pleasure of working with them on a project. They use Maya and 3D Studio MAX. Check them out at http://platinumfmd.com.br

  12. hey, stefan, that’s some nice stuff……..i especially like that green one with all the pipes….they all look cool! hey vurdlak if you see this, check em out…….in my opinion, theyre DEFINITELY work adding! nice job.

  13. Okay, here’s a challenge, I don’t know if it’s any way possible but if anyone can achieve this is would be AWESOME: make flames look like water. Just a crazy idea! Try it and have Mr. Vurdlak (Vurdlak) post them on the site.

  14. these are my ABSOLUTE favorite illusions! ever since i saw these a while ago, i have been showing them to everybody i know. Amazing!…

  15. That’s incredible! Wow, that’s so clever. Even if they are photoshopped or whatever (although I believe you that they aren’t), they’re such awesome, beautiful images.

    Major kudos to the creator :)

  16. THAT LOOKS SO COOL!! I like the lighter one the best..

    Btw.. i think the guy who made them used liquid nitrogen or something on a real flame and then it just turns into ice. (except took it at the exact moment so there would be little floating bits)

    1. No offence but are you stupid? liquid nitrogen. do you even understand the composition of water, and flame. in order to make ice you need water. thats the only thing that can make ice. not flame. all liquid nitrogen would do is put the fire out. its impossible. thats just a stupid statement

  17. It’s quite simple actually.

    All these pictures were taken up-side-down, and the camera they use takes lots of shots in a short space of time, so they can pick out the most flame-looking picture.
    They spray a specific amount of water out in a very specific manner and photograph it.
    e.g. the gas nozzle in the lighter is replaced with a water nozzle.

    Very cleverly done, and it must’ve been very tricky to do the last two.

  18. big deal. All my lighters have water flames. If these flimsy images impresses you, you should see my water fireplace- it keeps the house warm and cool.

  19. OMG this is now my favourite

    i love this and have bookmarked the page now everyday i can see it

    great job i dont care how these are done i love them all the same

  20. i think u just photoshopped it. Most of the illusion found here are photoshopped… anyway its cool to see these illusions!!!

  21. i love these pics they are awesome. some of these people have some creative ideas (i like the idiot that thought they used liquid nitrogen) i’ve seen a tutorial for this. i’m not sure if it’s exactly how they did it in those specific examples but it is basically the exact candle one used here. these are GREAT i’d love to be this talented. i’ll post a link. it is NOT mine but it’s pretty cool


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