Warping Road Optical Illusion


First of all let me apologize for lack of update yesterday and on the day before. I just hope today’s photo will make up for the gap.

Look how the road on your right appears warped! It kind of reminds me of those surreal-melted bridges and roads that can be found all over Google Earth. Yet the “imperfections” weren’t caused by some automatic 3D computing and modeling that Google applies to it’s aerial imagery. No, this is just an ordinary aerial shot, and the warping is just an illusion caused by the super-wide tollgate that widens the road with enough tollbooths to accept and process all the heavy traffic.

It just seems so surreal to me. Even after understanding the illusion, I still have trouble seeing the road as an ordinary highway widened at it’s belly. I can’t stop thinking all those vehicles would tip over and fall, once they surpass the tollbooth’s “cliff edge”… How about you? Did you find it impressive?

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  • That is pretty wild! Initially I couldnt’ tell that was a toll stop at all, but just a warped image.

  • Josh

    Sorry, I don’t manage to see what you mean. I just see a road getting much wider and then getting smaller again…

    • lucky

      then u read it to understand without reading if u just watch it only the picture will be found…

  • Kimon

    All I saw is a highway. I had to read all of the description to realize how you came up with a cliff… But I see it now. Neat.

  • Benua

    The rise & fall of cars!!!!

  • steve

    Seemed normal to me, but I could adjust my eyes to make it look warped. Pretty cool.. I like how it looks like a drop off.

  • Care Bear

    It’s obviously not a Canadian border crossing. They hardly have enough booths to let anyone through and traffic can get backed up for miles.

  • Ciaran

    This one didn’t really work for me I’m afraid, I just saw a road widening for a toll booth.


    omg it like it pops up like a three d illiusion


    me,my sis,and my mom watched happy feet two and we spotted MANY illusions,i just don’t now how to submint

  • Seth

    Holy cow…. It took me a few minutes to see it. But once you see it, its hard to see it the correct way… For those that are having a hard time seeing the illusion, it looks like the row of toll booths are along the top of a ridge. At the point that the road widens on both sides is where the cars start going up the hill to towards the ridge…

  • Laura

    This has to be S. Korea. We used to go through those toll gates all the time. It’s real fun when there’s a lot of traffic lol. I do kind of see the illusion, but having been through it in real life kind of spoils the illusion.

  • Good one…

  • DudeMan

    No matter now I look at it the image still looks like a traffic waterfall to me.

  • Blessedarethepoor

    It’s all in your perspective. I didn’t first see the illusion because I see lots of aerial shots. If I image the portion above the toll booth as flat and then rising away, then it does look like the cars in the area below the toll booth should be falling off the “edge of the earth”. The flat earthers should enjoy this one.

  • i

    think this is 1st comment not very good ** (2 stars)

  • KMR

    Also, it reminds me of the scene from Inception where the city is getting folded over, except this road just got lifted instead.

  • owen

    awesome,i thought it was a steep hill at first glance. 1ST COMMENT YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • R M Booker

    Looks as if you have to drive vertically – good illusion even if it was not intended as such.

  • AmetuerAspirant

    I’ve ridden on these before, but I never thought they’d look like this from above.

  • Ramyak

    wow!!!!!! nice one

  • eric

    i dont know why you cant see a highway – i dont see no illusion… just diverging lanes… never seen a toll both before?

  • saso

    Vurdlak you are right .This is really surreal

  • Dave

    I like this one. You’re right that it seems like a hill there. Kind of cool.

  • breandan

    this is so cool, love it. I

  • Anonymouse

    Wow! That’s really cool!! 1st Comment!!

  • Izzy

    Lepetomane Thru-way? What’ll that a**hole think of next?!

    Has anybody got a dime?

  • Kristy

    I don’t know if my monitor has different settings than yours but this just looks like an ordinary road to me!

  • Rachel

    Actually, I think it would work much better if the picture was cropped to just below the toll booth. The road approaching the toll booth spoils the illusion for me. The upper road looks so much like it is going downwards than up again that.

  • ano

    its work for me,
    can see it.

  • Ronaldo

    No illusion, but one $hitload of asphalt!

  • MTD

    It’s not warping, the lanes are more than doubeling, it actually needs more space.

    It’s not even an illusion, it’s really made like that.

  • emily3129

    Hey That’s In Seoul, Korea!

  • martin reynolds

    I think this image has been photoshoped to create the illusion.Look carefully at the vehicles – they are all pictured directly from the front,including those travelling from the farthest sides of the toll.Under these circumstances surely you would expect to see some of the sides of them and we do not.

  • jb

    I just see a normal road :/ :)

  • JackOfAll

    The illusion is made more realistic by the fact that the photo is not a “top-down” aerial photo but was taken at an angle, and by the fact that the road in the upper part of the photo is probably downhill from the road in the lower part. The upper widening part appears to be on a steep incline.

  • Christian T

    Wow, that’s cool XD. first to comment, too :3

  • ym

    LOL so cool
    First comment

  • sean

    I can’t seem to see the strangeness in this. It just looks like the road widens to me!

    Oh, wait, nevermind, I see it!

  • Lance Christian De Castro

    it’s as if it’s going up then down.

  • JoyJ15

    This is cRaZy!
    At first glance it looked normal for the most part, and then it suddenly looked super steep!
    Now I cant see it as looking normal anymore…lol

  • Just looking at it gives me vertigo…

  • Bacon

    wow amazing it looks like it is going straight down it is so amazing how things like this goes on



  • Nick Rosas

    sooo theres no cliff thingy at all?! woah!

  • Julien2512

    It takes long for me to see what you call an illusion !

  • Jan

    It looks cool, but as the cars don’t become bigger when it’s “Warped” i couldn’t really feel the effect. Nice post anyway!

  • Velia Nemo

    I don’t see it. All I see is road that is really wide on one side.

  • Andrew

    With regard th toll booth picture, what I see is like a roller coaster with th booths sat @ th very peek and a steep downhill section going back to earth, either side.

  • halo4skyrim

    I see it now, the road is like a wall, and they are going up on the wall, without the cars pointing up, but it looks like the car is fully on it, (hard to explain), it looked like a normal road widening up at first though, it is an illusion, trust me.

  • halo4skyrim

    I can’t see it normally anymore, it looks as though the road is just a wall, still.

  • Tom

    To me it looks flat before the tole booths and then it looks like the cars are going down hill.

  • yepyepyep

    I’m really surprised at how many people can’t see it, or didn’t see it at first. As soon as I saw the picture it looked like it was jumping off the screen! Very neat.

  • sean

    what a stupid site total waste of time……

  • Phobbie

    Didn’t really work

  • WideLoad

    I have no idea wtf you are trying to say.
    It’s a road that adds a bunch of lanes for the toll plaza.

  • Stefanyvg

    it took me a long time to get it but woah it looks scary now

  • jack assman

    You see the optical illusion better if you cross-eyed.

  • asdf

    its a toll in seoul..there’s a writing on it right in the middle..anyway nice perspective..I used to dreamt about this kind of thing..going up so high almost vertically on a highway..surreal indeed

  • wancho

    it makes an optical illusion making it looks like as if the cars are climbing then goes down after the toll gate.. pretty neat :)

  • oras

    i like ur imagination for giving the explenation >>but i want u to give the exact site or name of this road and bridg

    my regards

  • Bhagatbj

    I really thought that the road was raised at the top and bending near the toll gates…….untill I reaD THE DETAILS. fANTASTIC.

  • random

    cedar point! thats all i think of when i see that.

  • Pukar Kharel


  • Virginia

    This is cool but I don’t really see it as an illusion.

  • sunny

    That is Seoul, korea. It says seoul on top

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