Wallace and Gromit: 20th Anniversary

wallace and gromitI did something extremely important yesterday. It took more than 6 hours of tempering with Mighty Optical Illusions source code, but the results have already proven themselves. You might ask “What was it? The website still looks perfectly identical!”. Well, in order to fully load the page previously, you had to wait for all the ads to load first, and only then the whole page was constructed in your browsers. This took some time, and many of you argued how the website is too slow. I made big changes yesterday, and now the website loads MUCH faster. Have you noticed this? I managed to place all the adds at the end of our HTML code, so now ads load separately only after the complete website is shown to you.

This means you get the content immediately, and you can proceed reading articles instantly, while the ads are still loading themselves in the sidebar. Hope some of you appreciate this. At least the impression count in my stats states so. With this move I have reduced my income significantly, but your satisfaction is still primary to me. I would just appreciate any kind of feedback, and please report any problems/glitches you might have noticed.

For the illusion of the day, this picture was spotted by Syed Ali (cool name dude!) on a major internet homepage. It was released in honor of Wallace and Gromit 20th anniversary. Except from showing two of the main characters, this picture contains additional subliminal message. If you “decipher” the message, you’ll quickly realize which major website used the pic. Happy hunting!

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  1. Well.. The site has always loaded slowly, and after it finally has loaded, it goes blank for few second and then almost as slow loading happens again..
    Well now it did load faster, but still it went blank and loaded things again.. This happens also on my other computer, both have windows 7 and google chrome. And none else site does this.

  2. Re – Tomi:

    this issue started happening recently, and it’s on the Facebook side. we are still waiting for Facebook to fix it. apparently if you log in and connect with fb account, it sometimes double-loads the page. dunno why, but will try to get them fix it!

  3. I found it immediatly, theres was a bit to much stuf on the table for it to look as though there was nothing to dechipher especially the “e”

  4. It took me a while to see it. Finally found it though. Tip: don’t look at any one thing too closely. They all work together. Someone mentioned that curled piece of paper is what helped and that worked for me too. Once I figured out that it all came together.

  5. i got it but i think it was only beacuse of the help from others thanks WoesteWillem, Jeff Butler and jem it was easy with all your hint together but i dont know if i would have got it otherwise

  6. Wow. I almost got frustrated that I don’t see anything . but as soon i looked at the magnifying lens. I saw the word . And that toke me a whole 20 sec. to see subliminally. But then i tried to see all the letters by looking at each one and I was correct.

    I love it.

  7. This is interesting. When I go to that particular site, we have Big Birds legs for the 40th anniversary of Sesame Street.
    Must be different for the UK folks.

  8. Oh, so it’s not BBC… all I saw there was Big Bird’s legs celebrating the 40th anniversary of Sesame Street, like Duane. Interesting illusion, though =)

  9. I already have a pretty fast connection, so I thought I would not notice, but actually I do! This really shows that you do it for your fans. Thanks!

    I saw the illusion a few minutes before coming here, so I spoiled it to myself. But still, a very good one! And a tough one, too.

    (Just hope my english skills are good enough ^^)

  10. Wow, I FINALLY got it ^_^
    took me about 15 mins xD
    i still cant find the other letter tho
    maybe I can ‘Google’ it later x3

  11. The only thing I noticed at first was that the wire for the lamp dissappeared but then with all those clues, I got it.

  12. I like the faster loading site. Thanks.
    I am in the USA and it’s Sesame-Street themed, but I checked and it’s Wallace and Gromit in the UK.
    The lamp tipped me off, but I thought it was supposed to be the Pixar lamp at first.

  13. Kudos on the site redo. Everyone else should follow your example.. but I bet it’ll piss off the advertisers. Ah well, it’s about time someone remembered why we come to these sites in the first place. Hats off to you!

  14. it loads faster now, but for some reason i am experiencing thing thing where the page loads itself twice. it will load once, then refresh itself. ideas?

  15. i took ages to realise wtf was going on because of how small the image was and i was spending 95% of the time trying to get it bigger, in the end i CTRL+Scrolled to zoom in, and then was like “OH.. Okay .. okay then lol” because isaw the Lamp and it was a G :)

  16. Think about it… what site usually celebrates anniversaries? The image does not to be any larger, the word is visible at that size.

  17. Well, the page hasn’t finished loading, the video on top right is stuck waiting, i can’t navigate away or close the window. Please fix.

  18. XD I spent an hour looking at this picture in vain earlier this morning, then I come back here and i’m O.O’ ARE YOU SERIOUS. I spent an hour looking for something that I use EVERYDAY.

  19. Nice, if you can’t find it, do search it^^. You’ll understand it really fast if you do.
    (Wow! the site did load faster! Yay’s!!!)

  20. Nice work with the source core. I noticed a considerable speed-charging. You could too, by refreshing the browser screen.

    (I thought and thought and finally tried to “google” for solutions and then I got it ..)

  21. Congratulations for the hard work you have to make your page fast!
    I have the major website in my initial browser page, and I´m see a lot of that name designs, maybe that make it easy for me.

  22. This is awsome! It’s really detailed, much more than the website you got it from normaly does with it’s logo. It’s really interesting!

  23. Did not care for this, had the answer before I really looked at the picture. Sorry, underwhelmed. Page loaded super fast, thanks

  24. Well just ONLY 500 milions of people have saw this pic yesterday so its really not a guess…those 500 millions have google as homepage so iam sure the visiters and fans of this site have already saw it…it just says google as they usually put in every picture celebreting somthin….take a look of this page and you can see every pictures ever made by google in specail events..;)



  25. It’s the google symbol, looks like the word ‘google’ for those with the major headaches – for example the lamp is the g, the teapot and magnifying glass the 2 os figure the rest out yourself

  26. maybe your ads are the last to load, but they still popup with flash ads on top of the content. that stuff is just annoying and makes your site very unfriendly. I can’t see the illusion with an ad on top of it…

  27. Thanks for moving the ads’ code! And yes, it’s obvious it says Google (I didn’t even look at the comments or link, either).

  28. I didn’t even look at the text and instanly I knew that the picture said something by the way they were holding everything, i just couldn’t work out what it said straight away

  29. The light is the G, the teapot is the o, the magnifying glass is the other o, the bowl and plate are the other g, the spanner or wrench (I don’t do tools!) is the l, and the roll of paper is the e!

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