Vintage Santa Claus Illusion


Just few minutes ago I’ve added new illusory paintings by Andre Martins De Barros to our Facebook channel (along with few other illusions I thought were too subtle/weak for our homepage). You be the judge. Please don’t forget to “like” our FB group (you can do it via the sidebar facebook box) if you want to receive all those 2nd grade illusions that go straight to our channel.

Concerning what I have prepared for you today, I might be a bit late, but good stuff should always be good stuff! As you see, what might appear as obviously photoshopped photo at first, can in reality turn out to be quite opposite! Again, you be the judge, but know that there is a hidden clue that exposes the illusion, one that can be seen in the second photo. Only hint I can give you is to concentrate on the limbs! This photograph was created by BrodyQat (on Flickr), and you may find more photos if you visit this link.

  • Macy

    Well that’s obviously real.

  • darthnix

    I dont understand. wheres the illusion?

  • Janneke

    Isn’t it real?
    She is wearing black-white make up. You can tell by her left hand on the second photo!

  • Entharion

    Well you can see the reflection of the red suit on the grey of her suit, too accurate for the average photoshopper.

    nice illusion :)

  • Laura

    Ummm I have no idea! I am hoping someone out there either gives me a HUGE hint… or the answer! LOL!!!

  • Honey

    what’s going on?? are u tellin me that her skin is grey in reality???

  • Laura

    Wait a second….. I think I know it! It LOOKS photoshopped, but isn’t. This photo wasn’t changed in any way?! I look at her one hand with the glove and see…..hehehehe!

  • Sarah-Jane

    lol, what are we supposed to see??? ;)

  • Care Bear

    Kinda like the little girl in Shindler’s List but from a different color perspective.

  • kelly

    is it a manequin?

  • Joe

    Uh? I don’t get the illusion or the clue.

  • Poppy

    The red of the coloured Santa’s jacket reflects off the grey of the vintage Santa’s jacket.
    Very cool.

  • you dont need to know

    what am i looking for?

  • ali

    She’s in black & white costume and makeup?

  • qwertyuiop

    is the guy pinching the girls bum or something?

  • Penny Lane

    Nice! :)

    HINT: look at the uncovered limbs in the second pic… maybe you’ll notice something ‘strange’… ;)

  • KW

    Usually I get these but this one is just not doing it for me…

  • dakota

    here cloves are white??
    or isnt that it.

  • A Snail

    Hmmm, I have a feeling this is photoshoped. The darker areas have a higher than average amount of red, only by a bit, but consistently above average. You could explain some of it as reflected light e.g. on her trousers below her left hand on the second photo, but the sack in her right hand is just too far away for that and its a very similar amount of extra red, it should be much lower if any.

    There are also a few other oddities with her hair, but that could be down to a low quality jpg file allowing some bleeding of red.

    Finally her face and eyes are exactly the same imbalance of red to green and blue as the cloths. Getting that in reality seems unlikely, I have a hard enough task to match two socks together, never mind matching her eye colour to her cloths and the sack.

    I’m kind of hoping that at this point you will probably point out that the illusion has nothing to do with the colours and I have missed the point of this illusion.

  • OhioCPA

    well, the second pic the girl’s hand looks like maybe a mannikin?
    Also, the face looks exactly the same, even though the head has been turned.

  • i soooo get it now

  • A Snail

    Ok, I was probably wrong in my previous post, I found this video on YouTube, she is about 4 seconds into the video. Faking video is much harder, and there are a few other photos I came across where some of here makeup was wearing off.

  • Canz film festival?

  • Awesome Anonymous

    I DONT SEE IT!!!!

  • layne

    wow in the second picture her hands look like a flesh color i gess it might be real…

  • anon.

    It’s subtle, but also glaringly obvious. I thought it was photo shopped at first! :D

  • mask?

  • Cherry Blossom


  • kimbo

    it’s a fake! a plastix doll!

  • robert gerritsen

    Whatever boose is in the bottle in the first picture.

  • I think we’re meant to think that she’s real and painted grey and stuff, but I do think it’s been photoshopped for her to be in black and white. I may be wrong but in the first photo, the bobble on her hat has been missed out… If that is part of her hat.
    I still don’t get whether this is an illusion or not.

  • Sally

    Nope … not getting it, shes proberly wearing black and white clothes and makeup .. but wheres the clue that exposes the illusion??

  • climber59

    I don’t see an “illusion.” I heard about this lady a month ago and she had the same costume last year.

  • Lunar

    The woman is wearing a grey outfit and has used grey make-up on her face and hair. You can see the red from the other guy sort of “reflecting” on her

  • toes are a great way of getting around,

  • Typeaux

    The young lady hasn’t been Photoshopped… no need, since she is wearing a gray Santa suit and gray makeup. Her suit gives her away, since it is a fine-weave material that reflects some of the color from the gentleman’s red suit next to her. Without taking eyedropper measurements of color saturation in her mittens, I can’t say if they are giveaways or not, but I definitely see red reflections in her suit on her left, um, side. :)

  • Patsy

    IT’S A DOLL!?!

  • ann


  • David Bethke

    She’s wearing a gray colored outfit, and grey makeup on her face and hands (worn off a bit in the second picture).

  • Anonymous

    Ah, it’s a mannequin.

  • Bjorn

    no shadow

  • Daniell

    I don’t get it. Please tell me what it is!

  • thedirtyknapkin

    its a 2d cutout… look at her shadow

  • David Cherry

    Make-up and grey suit?

  • Dustin

    Is it possible that it’s a mannequin in both pictures? Incredibly realistic, but to me her hand looks fake and doesn’t appear to have fingernails. Thoughts anyone?

  • Lila Joy

    ???I’m confused.???

  • Shae Wilkerson

    One of her breast are bigger than the other lol…

    • greiner3

      Dude, you really need to get out more. I know it’s a given geeks are virgins and all but at least peek at the adult sites.

    • this is Science not for retarded pervert

  • Okay what am I looking at?

  • the stupid guy

    aaaaaaaaaaaaa what am i supposed to see?????

    • fossda

      at first it looks like the black and white lady santa is photoshopped but really she isnt!

    • Christine

      I can’t see it either…..

    • Nina

      I know, right????

    • toes are a girls best friend

    • IrocK

      I think the photo isn’t photoshoped at all, I think the gray santa is dressed all in gray and black, and wears make up. Really very nicely done, and a cool idea at that.

    • Cindi Thompson

      Ya I don’t get it. What’s the illusion?

  • Theo Adams

    Haha awesome :D

  • Ron Calhoun

    No clue what the deal is. ???

  • Lizzie

    I understood it, but I didnt like it :/

    • essayn

      Same here…really lame!

    • a person

      its not horribly horrible…..but then again…its not very good :/

    • Ty

      i agree, good job with the mannequin but it doesnt make such a good illusion

  • lily

    limbs are white & woman is black.she must be wearing gloves.

  • Joe Black

    She’s standing in front of a picture. In the second picture, the guy casts a shadow, but she doesn’t. She’s actually, standing on his shadow and s/b blocking part of it.

  • KuhBuhDuh

    She’s … painted grey?

    I know it’s tough to keep finding optical illusions all the time, so even though this doesn’t rock my world, keep it up.

    • she used an effect from Iphone4 application

  • Soumyee

    She’s painted herself grey?

  • A random person

    The reflected light from the red Santa suit gives her away in the second picture. it’s pretty nifty.

  • sienna

    shes not real
    shes a mannican

  • Sean

    This ‘woman’ is a fake?!

    • Mr.Chicken Wing

      Indeed, look at the sencond picture and look at the girls hand, it is not real, thats proof that she is not real.

  • Jiying Zou

    what is it?

  • zak

    …i dont see a thing. But there’s seems to be some thing unusual on the girl’s limbs

    • Abraham

      She has latex gloves on

  • RedDeer

    Is the woman a Mannequin / dummy ? Face looks a bit too stiff.

    • zahid

      this could be because she might be wearing a mask, or applied a thick layer of paint on her face

  • Nice idea, well executed!

  • Tonya Davis-Stinson

    That is an awesome suit!! Check out the video for her:

  • drew

    she doesnt have a shadow

  • Scott McNay

    Here’s another set of pictures, a couple of which have comments:

  • Chrisley Abrigo

    omg ! shes using shorts !

  • Laura

    Lets see, her clothes are grayish and her make up is grayish? Like you said the photo was not tweeked or shopped or anything. It is what it is!

  • A real “brain twister”, Can’t quite figure it out. It appears, to me, there is something about the hands and the feet that are not right. Something about the color has a pink tint to it. I just don’t know………

  • I still think it is photoshopped. In the first picture, the end of the hat (just above the ball) is red. But in the second picture, it is grey. I think somebody just missed her hand in the second picture.

    • Stashiv

      The clue on the limbs in the second photo is that you can actually see the red reflecting from the gentleman next to her. This is not photoshopped or altered in any matter. She simple wore a grey suit and gave the appearance she was being displaying in black and white. In the first photo the hat you see in the background which people are assuming was missed during editing is from someone else behind her. There are no tricks, she’s not wearing makeup, you’re just presented with the illusion that she is due to the extreme difference in the colors of the suits

    • ParveshK

      @Stashiv Thanks for making clue easy. It was big illusion for me that, what the illusion is?.

      Yes she is not a photoshoped image but she is wearing makeup of grey. You can watch her in video at this link –

      Actually the real illusion was for live crowd. It somewhat loosed its worth as an image.

  • Somebody

    The girl is painted? In the video linked by Tonya Davis-Stinson, the back of her neck doesn’t looks grey.

  • debbie

    In the second photo her gloves are cream therefore she is wearing grey/white clothes and painted her face grey.

  • Jeff

    If you’re interested in how it’s done, see

    It’s exactly what you’d expect.

    I really have no idea what looking at limbs will do, other than she appears to be wearing gloves.

  • Rob

    This is amazing. She desaturated herself to make herself appear black and white in the real world.

    Go Santacon!

  • Geo

    Not her limbs his. His left leg is unusually darkened plus she doesn’t cast a shadow.

  • SteveRiese

    This is one of your best postings to date! Very interesting and very different. The links to the video and other pictures make this even better.

    Good mis-direction with the “concentrate on the limbs” comment, too. I thought her left sleeve looked collapsed and maybe she had an artificial limb.

  • t

    Cute and funny. Plus I found Waldo right away!

  • Akael Alias

    good illusion

  • Davor

    I only get it after seeing the other links the people have provided.

    “Looking at the limbs” is worthless, or I am blind. Since alot of people commenting on it, I don’t think I am alone. The clue is bad.

    So please tell me, what looking at the limbs is suppose to me?

    I finally get it, only after reading the other links provided. Thanks people for providing those limbs.

  • Takehiro Fujii

    Not Photshopped?

    • tot

      she wore gloves becaus the gry pint would smear on people and things

  • Whoa

    It is a mannequin! A figure. Made of plastic. You can tell by the hands :)

  • jay

    A black and white santa…

  • zahid

    I think it is really simple she wore a gray suit and cap, an appropriate wig AND a FACE MASK. The clue to the limbs were to makes us look at her HAND, which she forgot to deliberately chose not to make gray, am i right?

  • zahid

    I think it is really simple, she wore a gray suit and cap, an appropriate wig AND a FACE MASK. The clue to the limbs was to makes us look at her HAND, which she forgot to or deliberately chose not to make gray, am I right?

  • Jane

    Hey, I think I can see, she wears gloves are not really white, are as bleached, so it looks a little yellowish.

  • Grace

    I was like “Limbs, limbs, WTF! She doesnt have hands!!!!

  • lavaBorn
  • Mr.Chicken Wing

    everyone look at the second picture and look at the girls hand, ITS NOT REAL! PROOF!!!!


      if she is not real, then how can she move her head in the first pic

  • Dan

    What is the illusion?

  • Steven

    I love how people just think they know 100 percent whats going on all the time. If you dont know, just say you dont know. To say she’s not real and actually mean that is ridiculous. Click the links and see how the guy created the costume. Give props where props are due. It fooled you fools. A mannequin? lol. wow.

  • Alysha

    its weird :)

  • sMARTaSS

    In the first pic, you can see her cap beh9nd her head.

  • tot

    she has gloves on because the grey pint would smear off and the gloves are not a grey color

  • Bruce Gomes

    I had no idea what the illusion was suppose to be until I read through the comments.

    FYI… I… am… color… blind.

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