VIDEO Shady Ovals Optical Illusion

Shady_ovals_optical_illusionOptical illusions fool us by violating our assumptions about what we see. The end results of how our brains process visual cues can be fascinating at times.

What I have here for you today, is a DIY tutorial for an illusion we already featured once in the past. It’s a rather simple, but extremely effective illusion, and the best thing about it – you can make one yourself! Once again Instructables prepared awesome step-by-step tutorial for you to download.

As you will see, our brain has a significant role of processing objects based on their surroundings. This is exactly what lights the fire for this illusion. When you place small paper ovals in front of a moving paper background, they appear to change shape, and undulate right in front of your eyes. Just look how they wiggle! Check this short video that shows the full effect. Btw, you can see more of greeenpro2009’s optical illusions if you check out his YouTube channel.

15 Replies to “VIDEO Shady Ovals Optical Illusion”

  1. I’m glad you posted this. There were several naysayers in the original post who were CERTAIN that it was a trick . . .they said the ovals actually WERE moving and they were being lied to. This should put that to rest.

    This is proof that we can’t believe our own lying eyes!

  2. Now I wonder exactly what is taking place visually, spatially and with perception in order to have that effect look so real? I wonder if the color gradient of the ovals has something to do with that. Would solid color ovals produce the same effect?

  3. This illusion is quite simple to explain actually. lol When the darker part of the paper underneath matches the shade of the darker side of the oval, it makes it seem as though the oval is becoming thicker [which makes it seem like it’s moving]. It’s the same with the lighter side.
    However, I still thought it was adorable how the ovals “wiggled!” >w<

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