VIDEO: Honda’s Illusion Collection

honda-illusions-hed-2013Let me show you another mind-blowing illusion collection, this time provided by Honda.

There are dozen of illusion hidden inside the video you’re about to watch. Try and count as many as you can, and see if you are able to spot each illusion before it reveals itself! If you’re a long time visitor to this site, you shouldn’t have a problem catching them all. It seems Honda follows RayBan with this trippy illusion spot called “An Impossible Made Possible“. Some observers have noted similarities to Audi’s 7-year-old “Illusions” commercial.

10 Replies to “VIDEO: Honda’s Illusion Collection”

  1. The only one that I can’t figure out is the one where the people seem to get bigger the farther away they got to the car. But its really cool either way

  2. Nothing really new here, per se, but still it is extremely well done. Single-point perspective is what makes it work. It would NOT work in 3D!

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