Vain Hummingbird Optical Illusion

Friday is here! But it is also Friday the 13th, and a lot of people are nervous about today because there is a lot of superstitions associated with this day, and for people who are superstitious, this is a terrible day that makes them want to stay at home. So, are any of you scared of Friday the 13th or do you consider it just another Friday? The good news is that the weekend is literally just a few hours away, and that means just getting a couple of days off to chill. While you are driving home, be careful because there may be vain hummingbirds out there that want to take a look at your side mirrors.  Take a look at today’s optical illusion, and you will see what we are talking about! Have you ever seen these vain hummingbirds before?

Vain Hummingbird

So, ready for another optical illusion involving an elephant rock? Well check out this illusion because it looks like either the elephant is trapped in the rock or the rock somehow resembles an elephant. What do you think of this unusual elephant rock? Well, today may be Friday the 13th, but it is still a workday, and we know you all are tired and probably don’t care about work,  but you are almost done and then the weekend can begin!

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