Upside-Down Optical Illusion Again

I have received this image from a friend of mine (as I usually say, when I don’t remember the source – hehe), and as you probably noticed there isn’t anything strange going on with it. Old time fans will, however know where this is going to using their experience and intuition. Similar illusions were posted few times before, all of them copying original Scheibe Effect (I think it is called like that). Now scroll down to the next image and you will be shocked. The second image is actually identical, only rotated version of the original upper one.

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  1. seen these before, but still love them! :D
    Is it something to do with the brain?
    I got them straight away, but others didn’t hav a clue! lol! :)
    tah 4 all thee mazin ‘lusions! :D

  2. The bottom one looks so weird … maybe I dont find the top one weird because the eyes and mouth is not upside down so it kinda acts like normal on him … wow nice …

  3. Saw some of these in the paper a couple of years ago, they were of tony blair and stuff:)

    these are fun to look at:P… i flipped the bottoms ones mouth and eyes back around using paint just to see what it looked like =)… have to grab/select a bit more skin than just the mouth ;)

  4. i saw a bunch like this and i automaticly knew the eyes and mouth would be messed up…but its still an AWESOME optical illusion!

  5. AHAHAHA! well, ill be honest, i noticed the teeth, but was shocked about the eyes :O

    one name does come to mind though; Simon Cowell (sorry if i spelt it wrong)


  6. its interesting how we see the upturned “smile” but the eyes look photoshopped..

    its a fantastic illusion and really illustrates how the mind perceives what it “sees” rather than “seeing”

  7. just INCREDIBLE…our brain doesn’t work well…maybe it didn’t made to work downwards…i remember an old experiment wich consist on using a glasses wich inverts the image..the brain accostumes in a few days (sorry for my english)

  8. One more thing. You are doing a great job with this web. I usually send some optical illusions to my friends. I’m thinkink about making a powerpoint with some images, of course, i’m going to put a link to this web.

  9. I noticed the eyes were upside down when I looked at the image – but not the mouth… very nice illusion… i was almost disturbed that I didnt notice!

  10. Ah, I love those. And now I can finally watch stereograms :D We learnt it at school. Anyway, have you missed my last mail too :P

  11. I think this illusion has already been posted before if I am not mistaken, and also, the picture of the eyes and mouth were taken right side up while the photo of the boy was taken and the mouth and eyes were cut out of the original picture and turned upside down and put on the boy’s face.

  12. That’s pretty cool. I looked at the top one first and saw that the teeth weren’t normal, I didn’t see that the eyes would also be different. I like this illusion because even after looking at the second picture, the first picture still looks a little bit normal. Great illusion.

  13. First!! Really cool, I’m all like, i don’t see anything wrong, but i scroll down and am a ll like whoa!!

  14. I didn’t see anything at first, but before I looked at the second picture, it hit me, and I felt special when I was right.

  15. I have this illusion in my book of illusions. When I saw it I knew right away that the upside down picture was going to be scary.

  16. A note to all who feel the must post “First!” messages. Vurdlak must ‘approve’ posts before they are made visible on the comments section of a post. So, just because you don’t SEE any comments to a post doesn’t mean that yours will be the first one. Most likely, Vurdlak just hasn’t been able to approve those who have already posted. Besides, what’s the point of being first anyway?

    About the illusion: I liked it. I noticed the mouth was wrong, but not the eyes. Keep ’em coming Vurdlak!

  17. Wow, poor kid, he’s gonna have to wear a bag on his head for the rest of his life! LOL…AWESOME ILLUSION!!!

  18. when i looked at the first pic, i felt scared that “something” might suddenly popped up…then, when quickly looked at the 2nd pic (be4 that “something” popped up), i laughed!! the boy looks so funny…but yea..still scary..hehe:)

  19. The bottom one looks like a neighbour I have, he has a condition where his muscles are slack in his face and causes a drooping effect around the cheeks, mouth and eyes.
    Old illusion but clever

  20. Oh! I have that same picture in a book called the “Encyclopedia of Immaturity”! That’s probably the source, unless they used the photo from elsewhere..

    It’s a fun illusion though.. if not scary XD.

  21. Homfrog and F.F.:
    same here! i have that book with that picture too! it was titled “what’s wrong with Matt”

    but i get the most creeps from this pic than any other schiebe illusion pics…

  22. Omg! Upside down it looks so natural… But upside down is supposed to look odd! But then when its flipped the right way… It doesn’t look right at all!

  23. The eyes don’t look right at all on either of the pictures… probably cause they are so straight at the bottom… or is that the top?

  24. that is… odd. I looked at frist though totally normal but then i thought that it was fine so i scrolled down the page to see the comments and that is just creepy! my 3 year old sister was looking she was so scared you sick bastards!!

  25. GREAT!!!!! now im gonna have nightmares for weeks!!! ive had a dream of a kid with a weird face like that and now im freakin out!!!!

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