Unity Triangle Illusion

In the center of the Belgian village Ophoven is a sculpture of an impossible triangle. It only works from particular viewpoint. Seen from any other side, it just looks like metal bars in a Z shape, where one bar is bent behind. Checkt these three posts to get idea how this installation was done: “Impossibly Constructed Objects”, “Lego Escher” and “Impossibly Constructed Objects no.2”.

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  1. this is awesome! do you have a picture of that thing from another perspective? I guess the sides are kind of bend and then connect.. but you can’t see that from this angle..?

  2. Bob has a point. If you quick-to-judgement people whoare only here to see the pictures actually read the description, perhaps you wouldn’t be so confused, or convinced that it is a hoax.

  3. the link in comment 2 says it all, also if u look at the pic, the shadow is messed up looking, not triangular in any way
    and it is in the middle of the dividing section of the street, its called toursism :P

  4. That’s right, by looking at the color arrangement, you can see the curves. Although from that specific angle, it looks all straight.

  5. fweeeeeeeeeeeeeekeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
    i fink i no how did werks. – mabee.
    me a bit scard now.
    i go nuts now.
    bi bi iluson. it makin me go nuts.
    my hed herrrrrrrrrrts!

  6. I can see that it bends more than half way up the side on the left. You see a streak of light a a slight curve.

  7. M.C. Escher came up with the impossible triangle years ago…so you might want to check out some of his works…

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