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Probably you are already familiar with the news break of Michael Jackson’s death. I give it to him, he was truly one of the biggest music contributors in our history, yet I feel somehow divided about the atmosphere floating around his name currently. Things he was accused for while living, are the most disturbing ones human being can digest. He was never a positive individual in my opinion, yet millions of people talk about him like he was a saint. I would like to ask them would they every let Michael babysit their kids? Am not sure whether all this is inappropriate to say at the current moment, and this is why I started this topic with the fact I still have divided thoughts on this. Still, it puzzled me so had to share it with you guys. If you wish to comment my standings, please do so without flaming. Brainstorming, discussions and reflections are more than welcome, though. Now when I spilled my guts, we can continue with optical illusion of the day.

Few days ago I have my Ultimate Mural Gallery with you. I’m happy to inform you this was only an intro to much more expected post (at least by your emails) containing NEW SIDEWALK DRAWINGS. There are just too many of them (laying on my disk that were never before published) to tease you by posting one at the time. This way I give you a complete gallery of never before seen 3D Chalk Drawings. If this is still not enough, I dare you to check all of our archived ones inside this category. Don’t forget to rate history posts you are seeing, since when all the posts on this site receive enough of the ratings, I will release most comprehend list of the TOP OPTICAL ILLUSIONS ever! As our website has the most concentrated audience of optical illusion lovers, I believe this list will truly represent top optical illusion, the internet has witnessed.

Have no fear, Mr. 3D Chalk Drawing Superman is here!
Have no fear, Mr. 3D Chalk Drawing Superman is here!

Check our newest 3D Chalk Drawings gallery below:

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    1. i saw that too. definitely on purpose, but why?
      just to spot the object. that’s my guess, anyway.

  1. Love the chalk drawings, but too hard to look at each individual picture by clicking on it to make them bigger. My connection is not super fast and takes forever. Can you bring back the large format for all pictures so it can just be scrolled down please?

  2. The way you feel about Micael Jackson is also how some people saw Jade Goodies death.
    She did some bad things too, (the whole big brother thing) but when she died, all of it was forgotten and she became a saint. Exactly like how Michael Jackson is being seen as by most right now.
    commenting on the illusions, they’re great! The chalk drawings are my favorite type of optical illusion!;P
    (never thought I’d be the one to do this but…FIRST COMMENT!!!)

  3. I have to agree with you, I believe he has done some bad things. Just because he wasn’t convicted doesn’t mean he didn’t do it. For some reason prosecutors in CA have a hard time convicting high profile cases.

  4. these are some pretty cool pics :D

    first comment? (woop if so)

    and as far as letting MJ babysit my kids… i wouldnt let 99.99% of people in the public eye anywhere near my life

  5. I too agree that Michael was a huge contribution to the musical world. As far as the allegations against him that is not my place to judge. I feel bad for the ppl that live in the lime light at times. Whatever happened to compassion and empathy. Would anyone like to have thier entire life on display for everyone to judge??

  6. Love These kinds of illusions! some of them are very realistic!
    as for your stance on Michael Jackson, I think that I am of the same opinion, but I think that his superstardom at such a young age might be why he was kind of “wacko” since he really did not have a normal childhood.

  7. According to my friend, the kid/kid’s parent who accused Mickey of the child abuse thing came out and admitted they lied.
    And my friend is really mad because he said that that was the reason why he died; the stress caused by it.

    I want to yell GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT but I also said that before I got the facts :)


  9. Excellent images! This kind of chalk drawings are best seen when there’s human interaction in it. The one with the dog I think is the best. You can’t tell which is which. Is the dog real? Is the woman real?

    Good one, Vurdlak!

    And regarding Michael Jackson. No need to have split emotions, dude! We don’t need to judge others. Would you like others to judge what you do or how you behave FROM their point of view? With the way they’re brought up (which could be 180 degree different from the way you’re brought up?) With the lack of information they have about you? With a thousand more factors on their part that might go against you?

    The best thing we could do is: see and appreciate people for what positive things they give to the world. And Michael Jackson gave a lot! For humanity, for peace, for environment, and especially and ultimately, for art through his music.

    So if I really have to judge him, then I judge him for the things I see with my own eyes and hear with my own ears, then the man was definitely a genius and a wonderful man caring for others. May Michael Jackson rest in peace.

    You don’t have to do what I do. But that’s what I do =D

  10. I always love these chalk drawings… but your last post on murals was way too cool. Better than this. Isn’t it funny how our eyes can trick our brains? 2D stuff could look so real and well, you know, too real!

  11. I believe that too many people used Michael Jackson. I don’t believe for a second that he did any of those things people accused him of. Even some of the kids later said that their mothers put them up to it. . . all those people ever saw when they looked at Michael was his money. Was he different or strange? Sure, but that doesn’t make him a pedophile, it just makes him an easier target.

  12. these are my favourite, chalk drawings. I think people who make them are really talented!
    I surely couldn’t do it!
    x Suzie

  13. The illusion is great! However, I have to disagree with you on the Michael Jackson issue. I believe that he was a great man who did great things and he never got proper recognition for it. Can you name any other Pop Star that gave over $300 million dollars to charity in their lifetime? Which was only 50 years by the way! Thats amazing! I can’t even begin to imagine the lives that he touched. And what did he get in return? Greedy….money hungry parents who were willing to solicitate their children for a chunk of his money! If he did anything with these children…don’t you think there would have been far more acussations? I mean come on, this man was around hundrens and thousands of children!! There would have been more cases. And to answer your question….yes I very well would have let him babysit my children! LONG LIVE THE KING OF POP!!!!

  14. first comment. oh, i miss the long posts. i am not liking this gallery thing. to much time is spent loading, when you use to be able to just scroll down and see them all. im sad abought (sorry typo) michael jackson. he was awesome.
    concerning the drawings, the reflection one is the best. is it just me or are the photos slightly fuzzy (like its in a bad resolution) (typo?)or and the drawings kinda–faded? also,these are kind of mediacore. the older ones on the site are more realistic and well, COLOURFUL. or it may just be that the drawings are faded, again. the funniest ones are one with heads (the old ladys wearin a thong hahahaha),the soup one, the feet one, the king one, and the monkey one, pics 9,10,14,15,and 21.

  15. Great illusion, not sure why he has 6 fingers on his right hand.
    I am sad a bout Jackson’s death, i think almost everyone will be though.
    AND THANK GOD I AM NOT THE FIRST COMMENT! There are so many people saying “yay first comment” even though they clearly are not! Stop saying this, stop bothering!!!

  16. I absolutely love the chalk drawings. They are AWESOME! I also agree with you about Michael Jackson. I was actually thinking the same thing

  17. i love these type of illusions- my fave is the water 1 with the surfure.

    but i think i have the same view about this as many other people, scrolling down to see other pics is much better and takes a lot less time. PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!

  18. First of all, I love this website and all the diverse,gifted artists it features. Some of the art I like, some of it I don’t care for. But I still respect the talent.
    As for your view on Michael Jackson–you are so entitled to your opinion. We are so lucky we live in a time where we can express our views openly. Personally, I think Michael Jackson’s contribution to the music/video industry will be hard to equal.
    As for weirdness, show me a celebrity that isn’t…

  19. Michael Jackson was an easy target, he was not street wise, nor a worldly man. In my view people were out for his money, including many of the hangers-on. And if any parent truly believed abuse had taken place, surly one would seek justice not money.

  20. Love the chalk drawings, my favorite is the one with the car. It looks so real……
    Thank You for giving your honest opinion about Michael. He was a great performer, artist, humanitarian, a person who’s music I grew up with. I am sorry that he died, and that he did not have a chance to perform one more time. The world will miss his talent…

  21. I liked Michael Jackson in the 80’s, when he did Thriller. Then he started getting weirder and weirder. What finally pissed me off and made me quit paying any attention to him was when he “stole” the Beatles’ music right out from under his “friend” Paul McCartney. How could he say they are friends, and then outbid him on his own music? Extremely rude, and I never forgave him for that. (Although I hear Paul is saying nice things about him now that he’s dead.)

  22. I am a fan of the chalk ones also… the MJ issue… I just wonder why people are making such a huge deal about it. Yes a person died, but millions die every day. He was a person with talent who did change music to an extent, but thats it. I am a fan of Bradley Nowell and Layne Staley, but when they died, I would have never been on TV crying over themm because I didn’t know them. I had a personal connection with the music they created (like I used to listen to this song when ever I did somehting) but not with the person… maybe Im not caring enough or something, but hes just a person… friends and family should morn… not a nation becuase he made some songs back in the day which were good.

  23. Awesome 3-D chalk drawing. These never cease to amaze me. As for Michael Jackson’s death, I think that people are making him into a saint. Yes, he made a huge contribution to the music industry, but there was also a side of him that was not as cheery. He did have an abusive childhood, but that is no excuse for what he did later in life. I agree with your opinion. Yes, we can all morn Michael Jackson, the little kid from the Jackson Five, but didn’t that Michael Jackson die a long time ago?

  24. The chalk drawings are always a winner, its a pity some are let down by the bad quality of the photographs themselves.

    Michael Jackson? Who cares one way or another. He’s just 1 person

  25. Cool Pics on the mike issue yall dont have to be so mean about it sure he was only one person but his music inspired millions, possibly even 1 0r 2 billions so all I have to say is if you judge him e judge him by the good things hes done, we’re all humans we all do wrong. Rest In Peace MJ
    PS- I doubt he raped kids he was just a weak target thats all
    PSS- Anon, Maria, your comments suck

  26. Just a thought on the layouts of the pictures-0 I miss the old days when all of the pcitures used to be when you opened the post and you had to scroll down. Now, when you click on the pciture i have to goto another page, wait for it to load, the click back to see any of the other ones. Its kinda annoying…Great site though! ;)

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