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I’ve been collecting all kinds of 3d chalk drawings and murals for long as I can remember, and over the time this collection really grew big. Currently there are more than dozen murals I never got time to share with you. So today I bring you the biggest mural collection up to date. Beneath first two examples, you may find attached gallery with dozen of 3D wall paintings that are so incredible, you will have a really hard time believing they are not real. Which one is your favorite? I picked the beneath Mural as the most astonishing one, because only after seeing the second photo (which shows us how the wall looked before it was painted), only then my brain could process the first image as a flat painting. I still have trouble understanding how such a realistic result could ever been achieved. Simply amazing!

mural optical illusion
Believe it or not, everything you see is a painting on a flat wall!

This is exact same wall before the Mural was painted on it
This is exact same wall before the Mural was painted on it

Check the mural gallery below to see more of the stuff we never published before:

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  1. If i didnt notice the perspective change when i walked around i would probably end up walking into that wall!

  2. Many photos (7 to 17 actually) where taken in Quebec City, I recognise them because that’s where I’m from ! Some of those where commissioned to celebrate our history. 7 to 10 represent rural life in the early days of the colony. 11 to 14 represent the famous people who shaped our province. You will recognise Jacques cartier, Samuel de Champlain, Louis joliette and Felix Leclerc, amongst others. 15 to 17 is just on a normal builing, and it mimics medical related surgeries.

  3. the ultimate shadow crossings are beautifully depicted realistically. the plant must be a true perfectionist. i’m really impressed =)

  4. The first one, really is the most spectacular. It´s very real, the woman reading really catch me.

  5. incredible!!!! those paints are amazing i love them really they look so real… the last one is the most real i think but all of them look amazing

  6. That’s incredible. It’s gorgeous and so thought provoking. It let’s the imagination wander around the rest of the house.

  7. I learned how to do this in my art class, although I only learned the basics; nothing this amazing.
    I probably would’ve walked into that wall xD

  8. That may be a flat wall mural, but that interior is of a real place! It’s a pizza place in…. Ocean City I think.
    Through the arch with the stairs is where the entrance was and the place with the statue, to the left of it led back into the kitchens.
    There’s some differences, but I saw it and instantly remembered it, I loved how the restaurant was set up. To the immediate left of the mural’s view there was a half wall partition with built in fish tanks.

    Beautiful. :)

  9. These optical illusion are so bad a$$..thanks for taking time out if your day to post these illusions..you are greatly appreciated :)

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