2 For the Olympics 2008, Beijing (Involving Heads)

Our little community wouldn’t be what it is, if we weren’t aware of outside (non-illusionary) world. As you know, here and there we make reference to current events that take place, but aren’t tightly connected with optical illusions. As billions of you probably know, World Olympics in Beijing have more than just started. Typing this, I’m almost certain 100% of you using internet (to visit this website) are aware of that fact. Well, Sandy Shorts sent me the first photo she (or he?) found on Yahoo. It’s a volleyball player from Australia wearing volley ball instead of her head. The next photo is the one I had on my pc for a while, but only now found suitable to publish it. Those of you who visit this site for some time, will almost immediately remember Sleepy Hollow illusion or maybe even those Funny Wrestlers. I would like to remind our new visitors while they’re here, to download “Optical Illusion of The Day” application, to see newest illusions from this site on their PC, MAC, Facebook or iGoogle. How many of you like it, but weren’t aware it even exists before you read this previous line? Admit it!

23 Replies to “2 For the Olympics 2008, Beijing (Involving Heads)”

  1. wow the second one is crazy.
    ive had the illusion of the day thing on igoogle for forever,and its great. awesome site!

  2. I love the olympics! I watch it like every night!!! Cool pigs. The second one is kinda used. I’ve seen many like it. Keep up the site!!!

  3. no offense, but these stink. they aren’t that cool. it’s pretty obvious to figure out what’s going on. i thnik you could have done better.

  4. the second one has had nothing done to it, the girls head is just back far and where the camera was, it looks like she has no head. it’s pretty simple.

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