Two Faced Creepy Mirror Illusion

Mirror illusions are nothing new. We’ve had quite a few mirror illusions posted on here in the past, and they’re usually pretty cool. Today, though, I have a creepy mirror illusion for you. It’s actually a really simple little illusion, but I love the effect!

Check it out…

creepy mirror illusion

Usually, a mirror reflects back anything it sees. But, this time, it looks like there’s someone staring out of the mirror even though she’s facing away from it.

This image is most likely a composite of two different photos—one with her facing into the mirror, and one with her facing the camera. Putting the two images together with some photo editing software makes for a simple yet creepy mirror illusion! It’s probably even one that you could replicate at home. I’m thinkin’ Christmas cards…

Like this creepy mirror illusion? After you give it a five star rating below (*wink wink*), head over and check out this lady in the mirror!

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