Two Direction Swirling Square Optical Illusion

Sunday is upon us all, and it can be sad because this means that today is the last day of the weekend, but some people have the most fun relaxing on Sundays, so don’t get down on yourself! What is it about illusions that people find so interesting? Is it the fact that these illusions are like mysteries that some people cannot resist and want to solve?

Well, with that in mind, here is today’s illusion that is sure to be another mystery that is just begging to be solved! So, this is a square that has a cross in the middle of it, and if you look at it long enough, it looks like the center of the square is swirling!

 Two Direction Swirling Squares Optical Illusion

Do you all see it? Well, it may be tough to see, and some people may not be able to see it at all! Whether you see it or not, please be sure and post your thoughts below by leaving us a comment!

No Sunday is complete without a second illusion, and this one is a lot of fun because it’s basically a game of trying to find the deer! So, how many deer can you find in this fun illusion? Talk about a fun way to go deer hunting without any harm coming to the deer!

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