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  1. I love these thing!!!
    They should make a GIF one of this which would travel in the tube. That would be awesome!!!
    But it would take an aweful lot of work tho.

    1. it doesn’t matter whether you cross your eyes or move your head back and forth it’s all to the same effect.

  2. Hi… the only way I have found that I can see the stereo stuff is to put my finger about 6 inches from my nose, and about 10 inches from the image. I focus on my fingernail, and very soon the image I see becomes 3D…

  3. haha. these things rock. when i was in 6th grade my reading teacher had this book called magic eyes so that if you crossed your eyes a cirtain way an image would appear. vurdlak, you should try and find this book and post some of the images

  4. You don’t cross your eyes!! You actualy almost do the opposite. The closer your eyes focus on something, the more ‘crossed’ they get. In this instance for stereoscopy, you focus your eyes further than the monitor so you ‘see-through’ the monitor. This actualy positions your eyes at a much straighter level as opposed to focusing on something closer. :P

  5. Im going to solve this for you guys
    There are two types of sterograms
    Half the people see it one way and obviously , the other half the other way
    If you don’t see this one, then put the pictures in reverse order then you can easily cross your eyes to see it.
    If you can’t cross your eyes, then you don’t deserve to see it anyway.
    By the way, this site is awsome

  6. The pictures are mixed up left and right. You wont be able see anything properly here till someone flips them around. Same problem with the chair stereogram.

  7. The pictures are not mixed up left and right; it is merely up to the creator of them to position them such that the viewer must diverge (look into the distance) or converge (cross) his eyes. All Magic Eye images that I have encountered have required diverging; however, I myself make my own stereograms to be converging. If a pair of pictures happens to be for converging, they are not wrong, they’re are simply according to the author’s preference; and vice-versa (read the comments in the other Stereograms sections; they can get pretty heated).

  8. Hey, im new here so it might just be me, but i see the top half of a guy with a crazy hair do, does any one else see that.
    p.s. I love these things, i help design them in my college.

  9. ATTN stereogram lovers: You must try super stereogram from cadence books. This book alternates between converging & diverging techniques. Your eyes will get a true workout! The Salvador Dali images are especially cool=^.,.^=

  10. i wear glasses, so to see better i took them off. it was a little creepy cause wat i saw was the actor Steve Carrel’s head. in wierd colors of course.

  11. Oh this is cool!!

    If you take a really good look, you’ll see some sort of tunnel appear in the image! Really coool!:X

  12. that is so freaking awesome. the best for laST? i feel like i can jump into the tube and slide down into it.

  13. There are two ways to reach the ‘3D WOW effect’ on these stereograms. Back focusing and front focusing. In this case is better do it back focusing (or crosseyeing). This is a good one and takes not too long to get there. Just relax a bit…

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