Trippy Beans Wallpaper Comic

I love funny comics. I love them even more when they use an optical illusion as part of the joke. One such perfect example is this psychiatric session comic, sent to me recently by my friend Marin. I’m pretty sure we’ve already featured the floating beans wallpaper at some point in time, but today’s example puts the “seemingly animated” pattern in completely different surrounding – a shrink’s office! So, have you been drinking much coffee lately?

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  1. i’ve seen this before years ago on this page in the murderous maths website but dont remember it in all the years worth of archives on moillusions…

    back on topic – a truly awesome illusion, one of the most effective seemingly active static images i’ve ever encountered!

  2. btw – does the illusion have something to do with the stripes on the beans? will they still appear to be moving if the lines were removed..?

    1. Stare at one bean and the “movement” ceases which indicates the nature of the illusion. It’s a ‘medical thing’.

  3. yes it’s me again :)

    when i say stripes i mean the brown thin things and the black and white arcs – the rotations and positions of them are confusing xp

  4. hey:) my name is james alexander lawson, and i think this optical illusion sucks cow tits! I wanna see an illusion with some butt ass naked dudes! I MEAN WHO DOESNT?

  5. [img][/img]

    Try having it as your desktop background!!

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