“Trashy” Art by Tom Deninger


Tom Deninger is an artist from Bristol, pointed to us by one of our fans named Jessica. His artworks speak for themselves, but few of more interesting items (to us) were pointed out by Jessica. Check out the models created from nothing but trash. I can’t believe how super-realistic they seem. We had something similar done by tape, BOSE instruments, Harley Davidson parts, and paint. Which one is your favorite? I’ve included a bonus gallery below these examples, so be sure to check it out if you will.

More Trashy Portraits by Tom Deninger:

  • Care Bear

    Holy cow. My trash never looks that good!

  • Looks like a brazilian artist Vik Muniz http://www.vikmuniz.net

  • I don’t see the point. Just use paint or stone or clay.

    • If you can’t see the point, then I don’t think anyone can explain it to you (for obvious reasons). Go eat a Big Mac or something you ingrate.

    • Marci

      It’s a whole lot easier for people to use paint or stone or clay to create something of beauty than it is for someone to take something ugly and useless and turn it into a thing of beauty.

      Not to mention, of course, how much junk the artist has kept out of landfills….

    • Eh whatever. You’re both retarded. This looks like a pile of trash and nothing more. As for the Big Mac, thanks but all that grease makes me sick.

    • ZooeyGurl80

      Really? Really?? This is beautiful art! Art w/ trash is absolutely amazing! I am so sorry you cant see it! Id like to see you try to do this! If they just used clay or paint it would just be another painting or ceramic made celebratory! Invest in some glasses and take another look….

    • Haven Breakwave

      really mr “van goh”? you wouldnt know art if it HIT YOU IN THE FACE. The whole point is it’s not used with clay,paint, or the 12 pack of craola crayons they give you at the intstitute you belong in.

  • Honey

    This is PERFECT, just perfect :DDDDDDD

  • Ccrossed


  • Wowz this are kool



  • ZL123

    Why the 1 day skip?

    • ZL123

      BTW the mouth one looks so unrealistic.

  • SnowBerey

    OH YEAH FIRST!!!!!! and thats hecka cool… i thought it was pictures before i actually noticed it said “trashy” pictures

  • Alexander Ledezma

    WoW, Pure talent.

  • Crazy Colors

    looks cool

  • qwertyuiop

    the mouth one looks funny :)

  • Jess

    That looks incredible:)

  • Aestolia

    These are quite amazing, but I’d never consider them an optical illusion.

    Trash is just the medium being used for art; no different than a painting of oil on canvas. You choose the shades, textures, designs that best match what you’re going for, then shape and bend it how you want.

  • OK. Where is the illusion here?!

  • SDER

    Very cool!

  • VERY GOOD. Great talent……

  • Russ

    Art maybe, but definitely NOT an Optical Illusion.

  • May

    Amazing art. If you think this just just looks like a pile of trash I’d get your eyes checked, because some of these are very, very realistic! The thing is if you look at the picture too large, it doesn’t look as good as if you view a smaller version, of move away from your screen a little ways.

    • Pegasus8

      Yeah we did this in 3rd year metalwork…with the proviso that it had to be evident from ALL distances…..

  • 786450

    trying to guess who the models are….:

    no.2: diana ross?
    no.4: alicia keys?
    no.5: nicole kidman?

  • Abraxas

    Cool, amazaing, great, nice looking or whatever your wan but definitely NOT an illusion !

  • u bum

    very artistic

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