Transparent X-Ray Devices… Illusion?


Another post full of photos! Transparent desktops were quite popular year ago. They were followed by all kind of “Transparent Devices” all the way to transparent billboards. Many of them are still laying on my disk, so I made a comprehensive collection, and posted it to this article. You probably won’t see these any time soon, so enjoy it for now, and try to decode how each of them were created. Some were quite easy to make, some not. I’d like you to tell me which ones you liked the most, and why?

  • Anonymous

    i blame photoshop

  • Anonymous

    well goood .. some are jus obv like the camera phone with the eye etc but somee are like :O

  • NFGal4

    i like all of it..

  • Mandy

    OMG the guy reaching through his computer screen XD that’s awesome!

  • Lily

    Some of them are really good, some you can tell, but the one with the guy with his hand through the computer is great!! Great find!

  • bLaHxbLiTzEd

    all of them are pretty sick, but the one i cant figure out (if legit) is the one which the guy has his hand come out of the screen in a “rockstar” signal

  • Anonymous

    Holy shmucklebombs!!! How do they do that?!?!?!?!?!

  • macromania

    the last one is the best!

  • Anonymous

    YAY! First Comment XD wow this is awsome, its like the computer 1 that it looks like the computer is transparent with the dog. Very interesting…. and AWSOME!

  • google/blogger

    Number 13 RULES!!!

  • Linktolegend

    Woah, the one where he is reaching through the desktop is crazy!

  • Anonymous

    the one with the guy sticking his hand out of the computer is the coolest. I still can’t figure out how it works.

  • Anna

    I like the sweater arm reaching into the keyboard the best. Second best would be the guy wearing the shirt with stars on the sleeve. They really are illusions, not set up easily with just a picture of a picture arranged well.

  • Guinevere

    LOL! I c! some of them are pictures!

  • Isaiah

    How do u do that lool

  • The [email protected] ED

    Notice you cant see the bones in the the finger in the x-ray illusion at the top. Other than that, some great illusions here.

  • phuck

    i like the guy comeing threw the laptop with the “rock on” hands pretty neat lookin

  • Anonymous

    They are wicked first post

  • pacman99

    yey first post.Pretty cool. I like the man making the rokin sighn because i cnat figure out how they did it!

  • jerry

    WHAT THE…?

    i like #13

  • P-entertainment

    The one with the guy in blue leaning through the screen was awesome :D The one from behind the computer was also a great. Thats my favorites.

  • Anonymous

    I like the 6th and 13th ones. I figured out how they made the 6th one (hand is on the desktop picture, sleeve is real) but I don’t know how the 13th one was made. Perhaps sticking a picture of his hand to his laptop? =S

  • TuomaZ

    Only thing I noticed is that in that one picrure the girl don’t have any pants on…. ;) Otherwice cool pictures.

  • Anonymous

    AWSOME! last one is the best

  • icecream addict

    I like the 6th, 13th and the last illusions. The last one is very clever.

  • turelie

    I get all of them, but how does that guy reach through the screen?

  • Arrow

    woah gosh that’s so weird…

    Some of them don’t have screens at all… and the one with the girl? it can’t be Xray cause her shirt’s still in the pic.

    but still, woah.

  • Miku

    theeeeese r cool…but how Number 13 was made? (the one right below the girl with the eye on her cell)

  • The Dude In The Mirror

    most likely most of those were set backgrounds on the computers/phones….. harder ones are the ones wiht people’s hands coming out of them…good job!

  • Anonymous

    1st comment!
    how did the guy with the computer and the hook em horns do it
    he’s on like both sides of the computer

  • mysticfett

    Those are awesome. I’m still baffled as to how some of them are done.

  • Dee

    oh that’s just buck nasty..

  • Anonymous

    Last one is quite confusing O_o

  • i like it

    a couple of them were probly real but most were either just pics of the part then put up or there was no screen

  • courtney

    how did they do that?????

  • Adam

    Wow. I’ve never understood how people do that. Nice collection of illusions! =D

  • badguy

    I like the laptop with the phone behind it. I also love the pic with the chick reading.

  • Anonymous

    these are weird!! How do they work? 4th to the bottom is cool

  • Anonymous

    13th is clearly photoshopped but the some of the others are good

  • websurfer1232


  • superbad

    i love th ones when the hand is like GOING INTO or COMING OUT OF the device.

    cool illusions!

  • Anonymous

    photoshop. bow chicka pow pow.

  • Cooldude

    Theres one problem with the first one, you can still see the skin on the finger despite the x-ray

  • Anonymous

    How did they do the 13th one? I won’t jusp to the conclusion that it is photoshoped.

  • Anonymous

    wowee!! those are cool, i like the last one the best!

  • Anonymous

    I love the one where he is doing the “rock” thing and looking through the screen.

    That’s way cool.

    Did not, however, enjoy seeing the chicks butt.

  • FaQ

    Is this for real??

  • wow…

    Most of these are pretty cool, but easy. The fourth from the bottom, however, is nice. How did he do it O.o?

  • livvie259

    i hate theses

    • Manoj R. Sharma

      That’s great. Good to know.

  • Chris

    well those are REALLY cool, but i hate to say it, but at least one of these is physically impossible, and therefore, must have been ‘shopped.
    the one u am referring to is the 4th one up from the bottom, with the guy doing the hand gesture. it is physically impossible! nonetheless, great collection.


  • fairykittycat

    they all look like a photo was taken, tham put on each machine, ie the ipods, computers…. but there is one I don’t get… the fourth from the bottom… his hand is coming out of the computer???!!?!?

    • Aaron

      The picture of the guys hand thru the computer is an easy trick to do u take the back of a computer and the screen off then you take a photo with your arm thru the screen and u photoshop the icons on there. it’s that simple

    • anon

      besides you can kinda see the hole he cut to put his hand through :/

  • Me

    Most of these were made by taking a picture of the thing, then perfectly aligning it with the thing. BUT HOW IN THE WORLD DID THEY DO THE ONE WITH THE GUY’S HAND STICKING OUT?! P.S. The 10th one offends me.

  • N!kk!911

    u can tell that the back of the ipod, and computer have been removed and just the screen that projects the light is there. Too simple. Great work though!!!!!!

  • Christie

    if u look closely at the one where the guy is sticking his hand throught the computer screen, u can see a hole cut throught the screen so the man’s hand can fit through.

  • some guy

    the 10th one rules!!

  • Anonymous

    Great overall, but be careful with the skin pics like the one here of the girl with no pants. I’m looking at this site at work.

  • P-entertainment

    You should get your brother to post some more magical tricks on your sister site Mighty Magical Tricks. It have been ages since last post, and I know he has something to post because I have sent him some stuff ;)

  • Optiguy

    The one with the guy’s hand through the screen and the first Ipod one are the best!

  • Politikally Paranoid

    I love the one with the guy’s hand through the screen. I may seem like a total freak by asking this….but how is that possible….?

  • nizzle fizzle shizzle

    the telephone one is pretty damn ballin

  • Ass Liker

    The girl’s ass is the best!!!

  • Anonymous

    the 13th one is a fake computer the guy put a picture of him in it and the guy cut a hole in it for his hand!!!!

    also the 10th one is the best :D

  • Anonymous

    ok, look. the only way someone can stick their hand through and have a desktop with icons and stuff is if he used photoshop. his hand is perfectly set, and it’s still 3d. he used photoshop.

  • Austin

    Number 13 you can see a ring around his hand of it sticking out that is glass or plastic with a hole to stick his hand through

  • H.Brenton

    can figure all out except the one with the guy reaching thru the screen….. think it may be a computer with no screen in it then just adding the icons in after … not sure but thats all i can think of. what do others think?

  • the technogirl

    adding to my last comment, they put the bottom portion of a monitor really close to the camera. Or they just use a webcam to take a photo, andthe things behind him were photoshopped.

  • the technogirl

    also adding to my last comment, i liked all of them in all sorts of ways.2, 3, 5, 7, and 13 were my favs!

  • Anonymous

    number 4 isn’t quite lined up so its a bit moreobious tham the others

  • Anonymous

    omg…omg…OMG!!! the guy reaching out(4th from last) is AMAZING!!! idk how he did it…maybe photoshop, maybe a paper version of his hand taped to the computer where the screen ends…but OMG!!! and i loe the last one cuz its uber origional…i think he has the tablet so that the screen flips backwards and it looks like ur looking rite thru the comuter and can still see the screen…omgomgomg…HOLLA TIET THO!!! ;D p.s. i <3 this site oodles…its A-mazing!!!xoxoxo…peace out girl scout!!!

  • I’m pretty sure that he did not cut a hole in the screen there for he would be ruining his computer for a simple illusion.

  • Annie

    i kind of doubt the monitor would still work if the guy cut a hole in it. I’m sure he probably photoshopped his hand in afterward…

  • MrVendetta

    the guy hand come out from notebook is made in photoshop, i can make it

  • Lily

    ONe with hand coming through screen PHOTOSHOPPED
    i think :p

  • Sarah

    I like the 5th one down that looks like an x ray the best, very artistic indeed. Great work

  • mattia

    i got it!! the computer has no screen, but has a plastic sheet (or part of it) to have like the aim chat! so he just has his hand through it!!

  • nobody

    the 10th one is awwwwesome but how the hell did you get as guys hand stick out of a computer?????

  • Mystique

    The fourth from the bottom absolutely mind fucked me.

  • leahnicka

    Um whoever said there is a hole cut in the laptop for the guys hand is stupid. The screen wouldn’t work if they had done that and also it would have to be big enough to fit his whole hand not just his wrist!

  • Ben Thrussell

    Where did you get these pics? Write a list!

  • The Gesh

    Most of them are visibly shopped, so I wouldn’t count on the rest to be valid.

  • Audrianna

    Um, to the person below..
    If you’re looking at it at work, shouldn’t you be WORKING? Get back to work, loser! Soo it shouldn’t matter. The tenth one was awesome. :)

    • Joseph

      Is the 13th one jack whithall

  • Jerry

    I’d tell you how the 4th one from the bottom was done. But then again, that would ruin the mystery.

  • derp

    Most of these are just people who take a picture put on device and carefully position it. The more complex ones are simply photoshop tricks using transparencies.

    Set up a camera, take a picture of whatever, put your device of choice into the position and take that picture, and merge the two in photoshop after. Throw on some light distortion on it, tweak the colors, add icons or whatever you need to do to make it look more legit.

    Come on people!

  • Spoiler

    They are back to back transparent photos taken from another picture or such as photoshop edited.

    1: Take a picture of the main background and make it transparent.
    2: Take a picture of somthing that another person is holding or showing, i.e. a phone.
    3: Take a picture of a person’s hand and put it on opaque, then edit using photoshop or something.

  • random human

    on the tenth one you are so stuck on looking at the girls butt that you don’t see that the picture is not aligned. the door lines are not in the same spots. and if you look at her legs next to her picture she has red pants that just disappear on the computer.

  • Mike

    the last one just has the back of the laptop removed and the picture is taken from the back…

  • cheyenne

    ive always wondered..cant u put it on camera and put it where ever and it’ll show the cam as b-in transparent.. or wit the x ray maybe he has that as his screen and puts it where the home screen should be in a humans body and then u get the thought that,that computer shows in x ray? i dont know if im right its just a thought.But i donno how those others r transparent may b they r just made that way but i dont hav one idea how those ppl could get their hand and stuff in the labtop

  • gggfefqgr

    14th one looks fake

  • BinLaden

    good tricks

  • nzieli6486

    Ok the one with the guy sticking his hand through the pc….. i know that he took a picture of his face and put it as his background….. you can tell that but the hand idk…..

  • maddie

    ok for #13 i get it he cut a hole throught the screen to put the hand through then used picnik premium to add the pictures and make them really small for the icons then type with text below the pic so i lookes lyks an icon

  • mini_2

    some of them are just photos of what’s behind them… but the x-ray ones are pretty cool. Yeah, and number #13. Impressive.

  • vagina man

    what im guessihng is that the screens are pictures. first they would take the picture and then set it to the exact area so it looked as if the screen was transparent..? hmmm..

  • Akbar

    For the guy that his hand sticking out of the monitor, I think that removed the screen, glued a transparent sticker as there is a rectangular shadow behind the place where icons are and then simply did not use transparent sticker for the other half of the monitor. Simply put: One half of the monitor has a transparent sticker, the other doesnt.

  • Anna

    The 13th pic gave it away that the screens just have holes in.

  • amber

    Can someone show me how the girl with the butt is made? I am totally baffled with the trick.

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