24 Replies to “Transparent Newspapers”

  1. I agree with Ramesh. The crease under the abs is too straight and goes on to the print of the newspaper, not just the body. It’s not an optical illusion.

  2. Duh it’s an illusion. That’s the whole point of it being on this site. It’s a picture of someone’s abs and he held it in front of him to make a funny picture.

  3. The newspaper is transparent. Everyone says that there is a fold on the paper because there is. The newspaper is newspaper. Newspaper always has a fold. It’s transparent not cut out.

  4. It is an ADVERTISEMENT with a picture of a mans upper body printed on the newspaper!!! It’s not SEE THROUGH or CUT OUT! You can EASILY tell that it is not in the correct position to be a part of the man’s body that’s setting there reading the paper! I can’t understand why it is even up for debate! It seems to be pretty clear that it’s a picture on the newspaper!!!!!!!

    1. “David Blair”,it is an ILLUSION,and illusions are things you can see but are not really that,so that is a ILLUSION,not an “ordinary” picture

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