• Ramesh Subramanian

    are u sure its a tranparent newspaper? I am not too sure abt this one though!

  • Jason

    ^ Retard.

    • Your Mom

      Lol harsh. But agreed. XD

  • Stranger

    I agree with Ramesh. The crease under the abs is too straight and goes on to the print of the newspaper, not just the body. It’s not an optical illusion.

    • Suor de Sapo


  • Hai

    he may have just cut it rite there and perfectly lined it up with the rest of his body

  • Sher-Bear

    Look closer…its a real picture

  • Nikki

    If you look close the picture kinda folds, and the texture is wrong for real skin.

  • kristen

    did we have to see that?

  • loser

    i realy didn’t need to see that….

  • BurninRubber

    EEEEEAAAAASSSYYYY a picture of a fat naked man was on the front and in front of the man, too

  • Anonymous

    its obvious because the newspaper is an advertisment. llok at thebottom. it dosent match his boxers

  • uvalntine

    its Ha’arets, an israeli paper… and it’s just an ad…

  • Anonymous

    LoL! It`s very fun!

  • Anonymous

    Duh it’s an illusion. That’s the whole point of it being on this site. It’s a picture of someone’s abs and he held it in front of him to make a funny picture.

  • Apies

    its funny? ha ha..


  • Matt

    Shirt, old guy, shirt! ever use one?

  • hunter

    look at the bottom left corner

  • The newspaper is transparent. Everyone says that there is a fold on the paper because there is. The newspaper is newspaper. Newspaper always has a fold. It’s transparent not cut out.

  • It is an ADVERTISEMENT with a picture of a mans upper body printed on the newspaper!!! It’s not SEE THROUGH or CUT OUT! You can EASILY tell that it is not in the correct position to be a part of the man’s body that’s setting there reading the paper! I can’t understand why it is even up for debate! It seems to be pretty clear that it’s a picture on the newspaper!!!!!!!

    • Moillusionlover

      “David Blair”,it is an ILLUSION,and illusions are things you can see but are not really that,so that is a ILLUSION,not an “ordinary” picture

    • Carrie C.

      that is the point – it is an ILLUSION after all!

  • GenCat

    nope. Not matched up.

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