Time Requiem Optical Illusion

Just found this album cover from a band called Time Requiem. It is even called “Optical Illusion”. I believe you’ll have no trouble spotting the illusions in this image. The fiery guy in the middle is juggling four impossible objects. What is even better, we covered all of them in the past. First one is impossible crate box, second one is impossible triangle (of which we have dozen examples), the third is Lisa Simpson’s impossible object and fourth one is Moebius ring, originally created by M.C. Escher. Those of you who recommended obeus and sourceforge embeddable audio players in my last post’s comment section, thanks – I’ll use them in my next audio optical illusion. If you want more optical illusion album arts check: Styx, Def Leppard, Soulwax, Jet, Andrew Gold, Aerosmith… Hmm, I should really make new category for these soon!

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  1. : /

    Kind of a disappointment from yesterday’s. I was just expected something a little more exciting becuase yesterday’s illusion was pretty awesome. And today’s is just kind of zzzzzzzzzzzz.

  2. I’ve seen all the illusions before so its not the best
    it would of been better if there was somthing hard to see and i agree with dana but its good
    4th Post!!!

  3. There’s also a slightly malformed peace symbol. The flames encircle the guy in the middle, with one coming down almost straight onto him. His arms to his sides, at an angle, complete the symbol.

  4. cool….I thought that we weren’t doing stuff like “1’st post, 2nd post, 3rd post..etc.”! Can you guys just focus on the images rather than being sore losers in some sort of a comment race?!

  5. You are right Parasane it does look like a peace symbol. It’s interesting that they put those all in there, I like it.

  6. Cool!! The black cloud on the upper right, it looks like a man with a curvy nose and a pushed out chin looking at the juggling man. See it??

  7. You mean “Album art” might actually be recognized for what it’s intended purpose. Something to entertain and cause us to ask why or just go what did I really see when I heard that song … something lost to the CD and downloads.

  8. you know what i love best about this site? its the fact that in every description you add links in it to show certain things.

  9. Did anyone notice that he is sitting on water, with his hands up and head down, kinda looks like he is meditating.

  10. This one was pretty bad if you would compare it with Pink Floyd’s cover-art for example. But this site is still really awsome! keep up the good work, mate

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