Till Eulenspiegel Optical Illusion

I had this one on my computer for couple of months, until I finally decided to share it with you. I know I’m about to be flamed, but in my mind the optical illusion present puts “decency question” in second plan. Hope I haven’t offended anyone. Anyway, what you see below is a somewhat naughty ad for a theater play. In the first plan there is an image of Till Eulenspiegel wearing a jester hat. The lady behind the board is doing something, but you can’t be really sure what, can you? The two combined show a funny result. Till Eulenspiegel was an impudent trickster figure, who originated in the German folklore and was disseminated in popular printed editions. He made his entrance in English-speaking culture in nineteenth century, but was first mentioned in English Literature by Ben Jonson in his comedy play “The Alchemist”. General opinion now tends to regard Till Eulenspiegel as an entirely imaginary figure around whose name was gathered a cycle of tales popular in the Middle Ages. You can find more of this character on Wikipedia.

Is this Till Eulenspiegel wearing a jester hat, or something entirely different?
Is this Till Eulenspiegel wearing a jester hat, or something entirely different?

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  1. I think this is a fantastic illusion.

    It’s too bad people are so closed minded when it comes to sexually related humor. In truth this illusion shows absolutely nothing, and isn’t even indecent.

    Thanks for keeping such a great site up and running!


  2. It isnt even indecent?…ok..if you notice that man holds a mirror..and mixed with the head of the girl above give the illusion that hes lookin to her ‘couf-couf’ with the mirror..
    .not that inocent mi thinks…funny though…1st i though ‘ok theres a face in womens body’ but then noticed this is was a piece of wood with advertise on it…pretty genious…this reminds the botle with the dolphins illusion…it says that kids cant see anything but dolphins on that illusion…quiet amazing…for us at the first second we all see the couple doing waht they do best…ahaahha..;)

  3. How funny, I saw the illusion right away. Usually I have to look at the image a bit to see each aspect (in this case, person) separately, but this one I can see both images separately and together at the same time. I am sounding kooky, right?

  4. I’m not sure that it’s “sexually related humour”, Tyler. She’s having a whizz, isn’t she? So it’s a bit naughty but I think totally acceptable for this site.

    I haven’t heard about Till Eulenspiegel before – I’ll look him up, Vurdlak.

  5. Dear Vurdlak,

    The name ‘Till Eulenspiegel’ is actually Flemish (from Belgium) called ‘Tijl Uijlenspiegel’ and not from Germany! Indeed, he was kind of a jester – but quite a clever and a priceless one. Whether this was true or a legend, fact is that this colourful person had challenged everyone crossing his path of life and made fool of them, no matter whether that person was a tramp or a royalty and even his own funeral was a great fun to read! Please respect and remember that not everyone and/or everything comes from Germany, as most English people do that without checking this properly assuming that Dutch and/or Flemish means German, which is NOT. Thanks!

  6. you know the dolphins one?
    all i see are dolphins.
    and here it took me ages until it wasnt just some wierd jester face i was seeing.
    then i laughed

  7. @Jeannot

    That he’s called “Tijl Uijlenspiegel” in flemish/dutch doesn’t make him a Belgian. :)

    His name changed over the times and of course with the cultures he was introduced to.

    In the earliest prints from 1510 his name was even spelled “Dyl Ulenspegel” as the book was written in low saxon in these times.

    Even in the netherlands he was called “Ulenspieghel” at these times.

    So if you have any information about having flemish roots, i would like to learn about them.

  8. I honestly don’t mind the risque illusions, but why are those always left for several days instead of just one? I really do get a bit tired of having those “naughty pictures” showing on my desktop day after day on my Vista gadget. That can get a tad embarrassing/annoying. When you have an illusion that might be embarrassing to have showing constantly on a desktop, I’d really appreciate it not being left there for days on end. Otherwise, I may have to get rid of the gadget and just check the site daily.

  9. Great illusion! And fitting for Tijl Uilenspiegel or whatever you what to call him.

    He is Flemish, at least he lived in what is now Flanders (Bruges,Ghent). He opposed the Spanish occupants (Philips II, Duke of Alva).

  10. lol this is a great illusion…at first i only saw the girl but then I realized the paoster. It was obviously set up though because you can see the shoes. If it was an accidental thing that’d be funnier.

  11. Is that a jester holding a spoon?! And what’s the woman think she’s doing, peeing in public?! Lol, just kidding. But seriously great illusion.

  12. @ Tobique

    Whatever he was called – I’m sure that we have about the one and the same person. Mind you, spelling was not as accurate at that time as it is now!

    By the way, interesting historical facts you have there.

    Kind regards, J;-)

  13. @Jeannot

    of course we’re talking about the same person. But i dispute you’re claim about the name “Till Eulenspiegel” being flamish.

    There is of course a flamish version of the character, but it’s origin is deeply rooted in the german folklore.

    Today he’s called “Till Eulenspiegel” but 500 years ago it was “Dyl Ulenspegel”. And thats not because of improper spelling, but the change of language over time.

  14. Dugg! Woah, that’s a crazy looking illusion! Reminds me of this one illusion I saw in a Canadian mall. At one point it looked like a young woman with her head turned away, and on the other point, it looked like an old woman. I totally love these illusions!

  15. i like this one, the only thing that i think is a mistake is the fact that it shows two feet, the girls real feet and the illusion feet but it really is a good one, i didn’t know it was a jester hat until i read the top.

  16. I think you (the author of the site) completely overestimated the offense anyone would take to this. It’s completely tame.

  17. „Bei dem wald Melme genannt, in dem land zuo Sachsen, in dem Dorf Knetlingen, da ward Ulnspiegel geborn, und sein vater hiess Claus Ulnspiegel und sein muoter Ann Witcken“

    It’s written in the book that Till was born in Knetlingen, Saxonian, which is and was a part of Germany.

  18. Uh… if u look at the very bottom… well… for some reason it looks like she was already peeing. Weird O_o

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