The Tickets Are Now DIAMONDS!

old_spice_optical_illusion_thumbJeez, when it comes to being politically correct, you have to be the strictest audience the world has seen :) Once again I apologize for referring to our lady friends as “chicks” in my previous post. Dunno why would someone find this offensive, since I consider this more of a compliment. Perhaps I haven’t mastered the spirit of English language, yet.

So today’s illusion goes to all of our cutie-pies damsels out there, who make this community a better place to be at. Hope you find this video illusive enough, and I can guarantee that this ad I found on YouTube wasn’t digitally manipulated, except for the part when detergent grows out of man’s hand.

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  1. if girls are offended when we call them chicks, guys should be offended when we are called dudes, but we’re not, so just do what you want and call them what you want, and dont mind people if they whine about it.

  2. He he I love this ad. And how’s the word “chicks” offensive o.O I’m a chick and I say it all the time x3

    1. There was another time, when ladies were slangously referred to as “tomatoes”.
      Was that offensive?

  3. Look at your gut, now back to me, now ur face, now back to me. As u can c ur not me. This is why she is here (ur gurlfriend is in the shot now). Girlfriend: Hiii! Im on a bed!

  4. yeah. i dont find the word “chick” offensive… adn hey, i am a “chick” and by the way “dude thing being related to the chick thing” is sooo not the same

  5. What lol nothing wrong with saying chicks and i live in England and have done all my life! The word chick(s) isn’t offensiev, you obviously just got one or two bad commenters that are all alone on the matter haha, seriously!

    and this is a great post thanks! loving the videos transitions – IM ON AHORSE! ROFLOL XD

  6. Egads! I hate this guy’s ads. He is so creepy I keep expecting him to whip out something and say hey little girl want some candy?

  7. Yeah man dont worry bout the chicks thing…its fun and not ofensive in any way…iam one by the way and i love your mega hiper cool fabulastic site !!

    Keep up the good work!!!

    Loved the add, iam sure hes an actor, he speaks like hes a pro already in movies or somethin but never saw him…;)

  8. lol, the word chick’s aint offensive, the word skirt might be, cause… WE DONT ALWAYS WEAR SKIRTS. Nor are we actually a skirt -_-. Guys wear briefs, do we call you briefs? yeah exactly. I still dont get how chicks is offensive… maybe to actual chicks… but…

  9. N III C E commercial… I mean illusions!!

    As for the “chick” thing, whats wrong with being refered to a cute little fluffy yellow animal, I’m ok with that.

  10. This dude rocks. Not an easy thing to go through 30 seconds non-stop. At least that’s what my chiquita thinks!

  11. that was pretty cool
    any girl who takes offense to that has to be one of those femenist “i am women hear me rwar” types.
    its the 21st century open mindenes and liberals. thats what we have. i dont like it either but we have to deal with it

  12. kk watched this video like a million times.. someone explain to me how they flow out of his hand?! D:
    and bun the dumbies that think chicks is something offensive… i always feel like a hottie when someone calls me a chick :D

  13. i’m a chick and thats how i refer to my self and other chicks noone has ever told me they have an issue with it and my hubby is the same way

  14. Love this ad! I agree with previous speakers, the word chick isn’t offensive in my eyes and I am a chick myself. But then again, who knows what people think?

  15. vurdlak, isnt old spice deoderant, not detergent?

    soz if this is a double post, my comp screwed up so i sent it again.

  16. LOVE this ad its great….And no offence taken to being called chicks better than some of other name us girlies get called

  17. I love this series of commercials, and I saw the latest one today :)

    “Chick” can carry a negative or derogatory connotation, but it depends on the context in which it was used. I’m not the least bit offended by the way it was used in that post, but I guess some women are a bit more sensitive.

  18. I find thisa very interesting and creative ad!!! Well, about the ‘chicks’ i think there are worst names. ladies!!! have a light heart to it..Check the real chicks out,,arent they adorable birds?

  19. Thank you, I love your site. My son and have spent hours here looking at your illusions. I am glad that you keep it family-rated.

    Keep posting the awesome illusions and leave the politics to the politicians!


  20. This is one of the coolest ads i’ve ever seen!
    (The thing with ‘chicks’ is they grow into ‘birds’ which like to ‘fly down south’ if you know what I mean)

  21. Sheeeesh. Everyone takes things so personally these days. The commercial is cute and I prefer diamonds over tickets. However, the young man is not my type. I was married to a man (dude, guy?) who thought he was “all that.” Narscisists are no fun.

  22. This commercial is hilarious, and I very much like the transitions.

    To Natalie: The diamonds flowing out of his hand thing.

    Here’s how they did it, when he walks over and sits down on the edge of the boat set, he hides his left arm and in comes a fake arm holding the oyster, they have a tube in that arm from where the diamonds flow through.

    Watch this vid for more info on how they did it:

  23. Detergent? I think it’s supposed to be diamonds. I love this commercial series! That guy is so good looking!
    As far as the chick thing, I’d love to be called a chick again!

  24. Lol this is really cool!!! like frederik said though there is a fake arm that the ‘diamonds’ flow though, if you look closely you can tell that it is a fake arm :)

    love the site

  25. An woman that gets offended by the terms, “chick”, “honey”, “sweetie”, etc. are women that lack confidence in themselves. There is nothing more sillier than a woman trying to convince everyone around her that she needs to be seen as a man. There is a more sinister word for women that try to hard to be a man, they’re called “dikes’!. Any great business woman knows that terms, “chick”, “honey”, “sweetie”, “doll”, etc. are originally terms of endearment. Given this, a great business woman knows that equates to her that the man she is dealing with finds her attractive…even if it is a minimal attraction. A great business woman knows when a man finds her attractive, that is her chance to be power in the business deal. You don’t have to sleep with a man to get a business deal closed…the majority of the time, a woman just needs to know how to speak the language! Why some women are bent on men seeing her as a man, make me laugh when they walk into a business meeting, and can not get the targeted business man to sign off on a business contract. A man can call me “chick”, “honey”, “sweetie”, etc. as long as he is willing to do big business money deals with my company. The ghettos are full of men and women with too much pride and egos trying to prove themselves. In order to be a millionaire, you need to know when to be full of pride and when to NOT let your pride show! Remember there is no law that states you can not silently call someone a “jerk”, while you are depositing there check in your bank. However, keep calling men “jerks” to their faces and you end up crying to your friends, “Why can’t I make any money at work?”

    1. I am so sorry to disalussion you but the terms you use in your post are demeaning to women and any woman who has put in the hard work and effort in life to become a professional deserves to be treated with respect. If your boss was to call you boy or sonny, maybe kid would you not have an issue with that?
      I by the way am house wife and I would not tollerate being called any of those terms.

  26. Eh, “chick” can sound derogatory or complimentary, same with “babe,” and other names like that–it’s all in the delivery. Yeah, it’s a fun commercial and a hot guy, but I’m not sure I’d call it an optical illusion.

  27. Million – I have to strongly disagree. I have full confidence in my abilities and talents. However, I find those men that, in a professional setting, call women “chick”, “honey”, “sweetie”,etc. typically do so in a demeaning manner. I find such disrespectful speech from men to be very unprofessional. In a business settiing, would you call the man “dude”?

    That said – I am speaking strictly of professional or business settings. While I personally dislike such terms – on this site I take them the way Vurdlak intends and move on with my day. I see no reason to get upset over such minor things on an internet site such as this.

  28. ‘I’m on a horse.’ I friggin love it!

    You guys have to see how they made it! I thought it was all special effects, but it was all real! He actually never broke his stride & then slipped on to the horse in a way that u totally couldnt tell lol. Fantastic commercial & that guy was hilarious

  29. Yes, in the caption above, the word “Detergent” is supposed to be called “Body Wash” or “Soap”. The word “Detergent” refers to something you wash dishes or clothes with! That was a pretty cool commercial though :D

  30. …Since when was “chicks” a mean term for a girl? I don’t mind it… Maybe its because of the fact that she is being referred to as an animal like a “female dog”, get what I mean? But I honestly don’t care if somebody calls me a chick unless they know my name… Like if a close guy friend says, “that chick over there” and points at me, I wouldnt get all offended but i’d rather him use my name.
    Love this commercial! *DROOLING* xD

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