Three Barack Obama Afterimages

Barack Obama Afterimage
Barack Obama Afterimage

When the ship starts sinking, all the rats leave it. Same thing happened to my country (Croatia) today. Economic crisis, politic affairs and all sort of bad things came upon us one after another. Recognizing he can’t handle the situation any more, our prime minister resigned. Our government has fallen today, and all this couldn’t happen in worse moment.

Motivated by all this breaking news I’ve been listening to all day, I decided to post something Obama related. At least to give myself a hope for better future. I realize Barack isn’t a Superman, nor anything near a heroic savior United States hoped for, but you have to admit his figure was represented as hope for US, like nothing else was.

I’ll keep monitoring how things evolve in the following days. In the mean time here are some afterimage optical illusions for you to play with. If you aren’t familiar with afterimage illusions, you should check this category first. Its very simple – all you have to do is stare at the center of these images (for a minute or so), and afterward switch your view to some blank, white surface. White wall, or piece of paper should  be more than fine. After few seconds, negative image should appear, enabling you to see what was hidden inside those afterimages. If you can’t see it clearly, repeat the procedure, or simply blink repeatedly and the results should appear more sharply.

Another Barack Obama Afterimage Optical Illusion
Another Barack Obama Afterimage Optical Illusion

..and another one
..and another one

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  1. These are cool images, but I think people are having a little too much hope on this president. Have you not been keeping up with our news (oh yeah…most of our news stations don’t know how to broadcast any truth). This nation is going to be in your same boat in a few years. this president has spent more money than any other preseident has in thier WHOLE term…and it hadnt even been 6 months yet. So, how do we try to fix it? Take money from the people…how does that help? We will not recurperate from this in my lifetime, and maybe not even my daughters life. The economy is terrible and we have the lowest unemplyoment rate we;ve seen in a long long time. It was a sad thing when we put him into office, believing what he said. I am afraid for our future.

  2. Please take a breath, Tanya. As you point out, it has only been 6 months. The process of coming out of a recession as deep as the one into which President Bush dumped us can be compared to losing weight. One doesn’t become hugely obese overnight and it will take longer than that to shed the excess pounds. Destroying an economy took years to do and it will take a long time for us to get back on our feet. At least Obama is trying and so should we. So try to enjoy the illusions that our buddy Vurdlak has brought us and leave the political whining and bellyaching for the political chat sites.

  3. I’m not impressed – there is nothing amazing about these “After Images”. It’s not hard to posterize and invert (and in this case desaturate) any picture to make it an “After Image”. Stupid. Plus these ones aren’t even in colour…
    And ladies this ISN’T a politacal forum!!!Didn’t your mothers ever tell you not to talk about politics, religion or sex on an optical illusion website? I thought it was common knowledge…

  4. Cool. Are you sure this thing don’t make you blind if you do it too often? LOL!!!

    Hey, man, I’m sorry about the situation in your country. Hope it gets better soon. It’s no better in mine, in terms of economy at least. Let’s just work hard and pray for the best. Chin up!

  5. Tanya calm down honestly you need to read up on the great depression. TO destroy an economy take many years and to repair it takes a lot longer. And it doesnt help any to point the blame to anyone because its almost everyones fault, sometimes even the small thing one does can cause big problems. Sure maybe Barack Obama might not be able to fix the economy within his 4 or maybe 8 year terms. But either way there are attempts being made to correct this huge problem. Anyways instead of turning this into “OMG IM AGAINST OBAMA BLAH BLAH BLAH” or an “OMG NO YOUR WRONG HE THE BEST BLAH BLAH BLAH” why dont we all enjoy these images that where provided for our entertainment. Anyway I really hope that things get a lot better in Croatia, there is a lot of turmoil there and I hope that your ok.

  6. To be fair, Tonya, he has spent some money in an attempt to fix some things. Some of this ‘spent money’ is just loans to banks and the taxpayer will be paid back, perhaps at a net profit.

    To counter the blame bush first argument, it isnt like the Repubs went out and deregulated something and it caused this mess. If it was so easy to discover, then the Dem Congress would have fixed it in Jan 2007.

    We did hear about it back then, but nobody wanted to risk political capital to do anything about it. And here we are.

    Pretty much Bush whored us with pissing a ton of money in Iraq, and Barney Frank whored investors and the rest of us by lying to their face and saying things were fine at Freddie.

    Lets get back to illusions, but not the political kind.

  7. these illusions turned out to be much more effective then i first thought they would be. Honetsly inverting the colors are not hard but still when you blink a few times you realize that these images do loook quite like barack obama…though the last one, for me, looked like abraham lincoln but that’s just me…

  8. “…we have the lowest unemplyoment rate we;ve seen in a long long time…”

    Sorry, why is that bad?
    People have jobs good think IMO

    And nice illusions

  9. Come on DaGni DoOms – take a look in the Geographic Map of earth.
    Where are YOU from?

    Vurdlak: it is extremely cool!

  10. I love this site, but man, I am so DISAPPOINTED!! You have it SO WRONG. Obama is not the hope for our future…he is going to DESTROY our future!! I am saddened beyond belief to know that this country elected a socialist liar into office just because they wanted to feel good about themselves electing a black man.

  11. I love it. But my eyes hurts. And Kerry, are you a racist? I don’t believe in you. Michael Jackson didn’t destroy my life… he brightened it up.

    For gangs, clubs
    And nations
    Causing grief in
    Human relations
    Its a turf war
    On a global scale
    Id rather hear both sides
    Of the tale
    See, its not about races
    Just places
    Where your blood
    Comes from
    Is where your space is
    Ive seen the bright
    Get duller
    Im not going to spend
    My life being a color”

    Michael Jackson – Black or White

  12. Hey Aiman– No I am not a racist…and I said nothing about Michael Jackson. He was a great artist and I grew up listening to his music. I was speaking of the man our country saw fit to elect as president. As a matter of fact, Michael Jackson may have been a better fit!!

  13. You know shes right how did you get Michel Jackson out of that Aiman Amani Karim? One he wasn’t president and two hes not black anymore hes white and it does not matter hes dead now thank God he was a weirdo black guy that changed his color because he was racist against his own color. Also he needed to be removed from this world because he was a gay child molester.

  14. Sam: He is black but he has this skin disease that made weird white marks appear on his body (the reason why he wear only one glove at a time – to cover it up).

    Check this out:

    Michael Jackson was diagnosed with vitiligo and lupus in 1986. In a 90-minute interview with Oprah Winfrey in February 1993, Jackson claimed that he didn’t bleach his skin, stating for the first time that he had vitiligo. The admission went on to promote awareness of vitiligo.[22][23][24][25] A friend claimed he started wearing his signature sequin glove to cover the vitiligo that had begun to appear in the early 80s.[26] It is also confirmed on his autopsy report [27][28]. It is also thought that his eldest child, Prince Michael Jackson I has inherited the disease.


    (Check out the link to find out more about it)

    And he isn’t a child molester… medias are freaks! ( I know that just too well )

  15. After i stared Obama for a while, I could not get him out of my eyes, even now, while writting comment i see him. :D

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