There’s a New Widget in Town .. get it Now!

Update – We have updated the gadget to version 7.0 Please download this new version to avoid some previous caching problems. New illusions should refresh properly now.

As you probably noticed by now, we have a new gadget available! Be the first one to download newest optical illusion of the day application for your Vista sidebar. You can get the gadget here! It took some time and effort, but it is finally completed, and is free to share. I would appreciate if you run a blog, or are active on other social bookmarking sites, to share this information, and blog about this useful gadget. Basically, the gadget loads the newest optical illusion from this site, and shows new illusion on your computer’s desktop each day. I can’t wait to use it myself, and am eager to hear your comments and experience. If you have an idea how we can improve it, feel free to propose.


(On the download page, please rate our gadget with 5 stars if you like it enough)

Another great news, is that we have successfully repaired the “Random Illusion” button, so go-on – test it. It should work fine again! What else, erm…? Ah yes, I have also uploaded two screenshots of new widget in action. You can see them both inside this post. Also, Yahoo widget is almost updated (to work), and old Mac widget also had some trouble, but we are already on it, working to fix it!

13 Replies to “There’s a New Widget in Town .. get it Now!”

  1. KDE, a famous desktop enviroment under linux has a widget layer (called plasma).It would be nice to see “Illusion of the day” widget on that platform. I could realize it having source code (or the right information) of the same one for goole(or window or whatelse)

  2. cool… I won’t use it though… I’ve got vista but I don’t use the sidebar…. I keep up on my iGoogle…

    I love the site…. keep on keeping on…

  3. awsome, i like it

    and vista only suckED because they didnt finish finding all the errors, they let people do that. that is why theres so many updates, but now it is awsome.

    and your right that has no revavance to this site, so..

    THIS SITE ROCKS. and if I have an illusion where do i send it? dont wana spam up your e-mail

  4. Thanks this is going right on my parallel.

    (I’m with him [post 5],
    if your gunna post please post something about what’s going on.

    I’m a mac user, and vista gets a bad rep. from people like you)

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