The Square Circle Optical Illusion

Let me tell you a little secret, one I already hinted in my earlier article – I wrote this post on Christmas where I also attached a timer to it, so that it auto-publishes while I’m still away enjoying my vacation. I always considered this similar to cheating, so to ease my guilt let me at least say it out loud. I just hope you’ll find the attached vintage card illusory enough to tolerate what I just did ;) So, have you found the circle below “squarish” enough┬áto see it as some sort of heavily rounded-rectangle? Supposedly the inner squares make it appear this way…

How about if we remove both squares from within the circle – does the circle appear perfect this time round? I think it does. Wouldn’t you agree?

8 Replies to “The Square Circle Optical Illusion”

  1. Actually, from cutting and pasting and comparing to the an actual circle, it IS slightly ‘square’. Very subtle, but where the square connects with the circle, the “circle” is about 1 to 2 px inside an actual circle. It’s most obvious at the very top where it dips just a little. Sure, it looks more squarish than it really is, but it’s also not really round either.

    1. Wow, did people wake up on wrong side of the bed this week?
      So what if it is one or two PIXELS off, It is a scanned image of an OLD poatcard.

      If you notice.. a ROUND item or cutout was placed on or removed to prove the point.

      PLEASE start your new year off on a better more POSITIVE and less critical foot.
      Thanks and have a Safe and Happy NEW YEAR.

  2. The circle still looks kinda ovalish, making me think that it’s been that way… So…. It’s either my eyes are screwed up or something….. LOL… It’s been a squarish circle, but in your mind (just guessing) it’s a circle. Your mind does a lot of strange things.

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