The Sleeping Tiger Optical Illusion

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Amondesign Lopez is just one among thousands of fans our facebook page has gathered to this date. But the illusion Amondesign posted to our group’s wall is clearly one of the better ones I have seen lately. The drawing you see attached here is just cropped and  minified portion of the original artwork created by DeviantART user named willustration. Before we proceed, be sure to open it in new window to see the complete masterpiece in its full glory!

The tree branches and rocks that magnificently portray approaching tiger, aren’t the only illusion willustration’s picture hides! I presume how the Premonition Poster, or maybe Hidden Baby illusion must’ve played significant role in author’s inspiration. Just how many tigers do you think there are altogether in this marvelous drawing? Leaving the obvious sleeping beast aside, and ignoring the marvelous approaching one for few moments, try and spot if there is something else you haven’t noticed at first!

I’m really proud how our FB page has picked up its momentum lately, and am excited to announce we have almost surpassed the magical 7,000 fans mark. Be sure to share your findings through our wall, and don’t forget to check some clues I left there, concerning our recent Escher’s Waterfall Video solution.

  • Kimon

    I see 3. Should I look harder?

    • mike

      I only see 2

    • DaEgg

      I only found 3 too.

    • diana

      i only see 2

    • Patrick Willson

      I can only find 3 as well Kimon

    • what to write today……

      i see three as well…..but only if you open the illusion to the full page

    • Princess

      I only see 3 too.

  • RandomLoverOfPie

    I see three also. The main huge tiger in the trees, the sleeping one, and, once you open the picture full size, the tiger’s face in the bottom of the main tree on the left. Overall, very amazing.

    • MM

      I saw those three too

  • kimmi

    i see 3

  • Care Bear

    The tiger I see doesn’t look sleepy to me. He looks darn hungry!

    • Becky

      There is a tigers face in the tree branches kinda thing

  • Jupiter

    I only see three. The one sleeping next to the tree and the outlined one in tree branches and the one in the tree bark(in the full sized image). What am i missing? It is still a great illusion and I love the picture.


      Sorry, no dogs around here!

  • leah smith

    this picture is awsomme

  • Carol Medina

    I love this Sleeping Tiger Optical Illusion…how can I buy a poster or print????

  • Voigt_Meister

    I see only 3 as well.
    Nice drawing except that the sleeping tiger’s neck and back are a bit off.

  • ali

    I only saw the two until you said to keep looking; I was able to find a third, but that’s all.

  • I see a Tiger in the fore ground on the full size pic, but I have a feeling there are hidden in this great illusion. By the way, am I going to be left in moderation again?????…..

  • Phil

    sweet! i only see three too

  • Jasmine

    Is it just the one in the tree aswel?

  • qwertyuiop

    i found 3, one lying down sleeping, the massive approaching one and one in the bark of the tree

  • i see 3 big one, real one and one under the big one:

    Click to see this picture in full size

    • ummm….. i mean

      i see 3 ->.<- big one etc.

      missing fullstop

  • servilan42

    3 here… unless you count the boulders as a tiger paw…Kidding!

  • joseph ts.

    I am beginning to enjoy these illusions! I can see three tigers! excellent!

  • ohmygosh


  • Rosalie Wanderscheid

    This is awesome! Definitely one of my favorites. I think this would be worthy of framing and hanging on a wall in my house.

  • LuvyLu-Lu

    i see 4!!

  • ed

    The tiger is stalking you. His right foot is forward, he is crouched and has you in his sights.

  • Sean

    I see three in full size image. Good illusion! I like it! ^^

  • i found four
    there might be more though…

  • hannah

    that is AWSOME
    but i only found 2

  • i also see three..

  • Christine D

    your name. is NOT. patrick wilson. you will never be patrick wilson seeing as u cant even spell the last name right.


    Total finding time: 0.3 seconds.

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