The Portion Size Optical Illusion

Here’s an easy question for all of you – check the plates below and see if you can tell which plate contains the biggest portion of food? Are you sure you have picked the right plate? Think about it before you proceed reading the answer -> In reality, each plate contains exactly the same amount of food, yet the context (size of the plate) makes you believe opposite. This “cheap trick” is greatly used by restaurants, specially in more exclusive restaurants where they use biggest plates possible to give you an illusion your portion is smaller than it really is… And the food also looks better on the bigger plate too!

18 Replies to “The Portion Size Optical Illusion”

  1. this is really useful in real life, if you use a smaller plate it’s easier to take smaller portions because your brain recognizes it as full with less. great for diets.

  2. People also use this the other way, if they are trying to lose weight they use a small plate so their brain thinks it’s a big meal

  3. I know they do it, but why would restaurants want the portion to look smaller? I know that on diets you are supposed to use a smaller plate so that it feels like you are eating more food and with a bigger plate you are likely to serve a bigger portion…

  4. I’ve seen a few pizzerias use this trick too, with the box. They put the pizza in a box that is slightly smaller than it should be.

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