Tetris Optical Illusion


Here’s an easy one for Monday afternoon: can you make sense of those strange tetris-like symbols filling the screen? They hide more than meets the eye. Those of you staying updated via “Optical Illusion of The Day” widgets, have a slight advantage in solving the “mystery”. After you’re finished with this one, make sure you haven’t missed this, this, this, this and this!

  • Paula






  • clay lister

    is the hidden part supposed to say “bet this has you baffled at first?”

  • James Howde

    Had a slightly odd experience with this one.

    As I scrolled the image up the first line was the message. To the extent that I was thinking what shapes? Once the whole image was on screen then I could just see shapes but, since I’d seen the first line was able to ‘force’ myself to see the message instead.

    Nice illusion though.

  • Anonymous Pagan

    No, it didn’t leave me baffled.

    Woohoo, first comment!

  • Stawolf1001

    weird, at first I could read it fine and then I couldn’t see it

  • Mikael

    So….is there more to the image than the phrase the pieces spell out? I saw the words as soon as I saw the picture.

  • Steve

    This illusion only works when looking at it full-size. When this popped up as a small image on my igoogle, I immediately was able to read it and thought ‘What the hell?’. once I enlarged it, though, it made sense.

  • PRMan

    High school art class. Was taught to see “negative space”…

  • Gemma

    It’s really good. Bet this has you baffled at first ;)

  • Annie

    You lose !

    I had no trouble reading it, especially in the little version.

    One has to look at it from the right angle. We have a little wooden sign done like this, and if it’s seen from the wrong angle, it’s meaningless. It’s funny when a group of people look at it and some can see what it is and others just see meaningkess shapes.

    It needs a little lateral thinking-one has to look at it, well, in a lateral way.

  • Kiwibot

    Saw this on my desktop widget first and, it was unmistakable what it said. On the full website I struggled initially; it was helpful to step away from the monitor, which I guess gives you the same sort of perspective as looking at the widget. Cheers.

  • Mike Affronte

    nope too easy.

  • Poyteroy

    It did not baffle me unfortunately, however I tried to look at it so that it would look baffling but I just keep seeing the letters! I can’t see the shapes!!!

  • minecaricature

    haha. cute

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, I saw it immediately.

  • Bet this has you baffled at first.

  • Wess

    Unfortunately it was spoiled for me since it first showed up in a very small image.

  • MM

    This is the message: BET THIS HAS YOU BAFFLED AT FIRST
    My opinion: HA! wrong!

  • Josh

    Probably because I’ve seen those type of things often, but I have a very hard time actually not seeing the ‘hidden’ message…

  • Janice

    Bet this has you baffled at first

  • jaxxm

    No it hasn’t..lol. I like these.

  • Anonymous Girl

    It didn’t fool me.

  • J

    I saw it immediatley, too bad vurdlak :P

  • Onyxbutterfly

    Nice, The smaller you make it the easier it is to read. Cheating I know but it is 12.30 am here.:)


      no it isn’t. it’s 3.13 PM at the moment


  • Stupidis

    the thumbnail was clear, but the full size is more distorted.

  • Grenchlok

    It was hard to see once opened, but looking at the desktop widget gave it away. Very easy to see when it was small

  • Mitchell Silverman

    Sometimes you just have to step back and look at the big picture. In life as well as Illusions. (or is life an illusion?)

  • Mitchell Silverman

    My post at 9:35pm (EST) comes out as 2:25 am. So you are 5 hrs ahead. Never noticed this before. Not exactly an illusion, but clearly overlooked this in past

  • Penguin

    I’ve seen to many of these for them to baffle me.

  • suor de sapo

    Steve is right, it doesn’t work well in the widget mode.

  • Melissa

    I don’t mean to cheat but if you make it smaller you can see it.

  • Melissa

    And the answer is (BET THIS HAS YOU BAFFLED AT FIRST)

  • Georgia

    Btw… you need to squint if you cant get it.

  • Akire

    This totally failed. I saw the message before I saw the shape. Nice try though

  • Asi Cruz

    If you scroll up & down slightly you will see the wavy blocks/letters seem to wave left & right.

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