Tetris Optical Illusion

Here’s an easy one for Monday afternoon: can you make sense of those strange tetris-like symbols filling the screen? They hide more than meets the eye. Those of you staying updated via “Optical Illusion of The Day” widgets, have a slight advantage in solving the “mystery”. After you’re finished with this one, make sure you haven’t missed this, this, this, this and this!

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  1. Had a slightly odd experience with this one.

    As I scrolled the image up the first line was the message. To the extent that I was thinking what shapes? Once the whole image was on screen then I could just see shapes but, since I’d seen the first line was able to ‘force’ myself to see the message instead.

    Nice illusion though.

  2. So….is there more to the image than the phrase the pieces spell out? I saw the words as soon as I saw the picture.

  3. This illusion only works when looking at it full-size. When this popped up as a small image on my igoogle, I immediately was able to read it and thought ‘What the hell?’. once I enlarged it, though, it made sense.

  4. You lose !

    I had no trouble reading it, especially in the little version.

    One has to look at it from the right angle. We have a little wooden sign done like this, and if it’s seen from the wrong angle, it’s meaningless. It’s funny when a group of people look at it and some can see what it is and others just see meaningkess shapes.

    It needs a little lateral thinking-one has to look at it, well, in a lateral way.

  5. Saw this on my desktop widget first and, it was unmistakable what it said. On the full website I struggled initially; it was helpful to step away from the monitor, which I guess gives you the same sort of perspective as looking at the widget. Cheers.

  6. It did not baffle me unfortunately, however I tried to look at it so that it would look baffling but I just keep seeing the letters! I can’t see the shapes!!!

  7. Probably because I’ve seen those type of things often, but I have a very hard time actually not seeing the ‘hidden’ message…

  8. It was hard to see once opened, but looking at the desktop widget gave it away. Very easy to see when it was small

  9. Sometimes you just have to step back and look at the big picture. In life as well as Illusions. (or is life an illusion?)

  10. My post at 9:35pm (EST) comes out as 2:25 am. So you are 5 hrs ahead. Never noticed this before. Not exactly an illusion, but clearly overlooked this in past

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