Sharp Minded Tests

You asked for another test for your brain so we delivered what you want! Here is another intriguing #test for only the sharp minded that can step up to the challenge. Review the reading card below, and see if you can spot the mind illusion. It’s actually a very simple test, so we don’t provide any hints. If you think you got it – check the solution and see if you were correct! By the way we’re ecstatic that you liked our previous “Single Photo Illusion“, we believe it was amazingly optical as well! If you think you’re mind is sharp enough to solve this illusion stay tuned for more daily tests, illusions, and brain teasers.

78 Replies to “Sharp Minded Tests”

  1. “the” and “you” at the end of the second and fourth lines are both repeated at the beginning of the next line.

    I got it on the first read-through.

  2. Noticed what was incorrect right away but from the description I was looking for an illusion so I continued to look for an (what turns out was a non existent) illusion.

  3. It’s like counting the letter “f” in a similar challenge.

    1. Our midns are so shrap that we mantelly corrcet misatkes without even noticing them.

    However, if we use the wrong words, it is much more noticable.

    2. Are minds our sew sharp that wee sea the incorrect use of words quickly.

    If we try to “sound out” the first sentence as a beginning reader would, it becomes difficult to understand. “Sounding out” the second sentence gives the beginning reader no problem, but the one who sees words as concepts vice sounds has to slow down and re-read it a time or two.

  4. First illusion – paper appears to be floating. “The” x2. Also “you” ×2. Also “you” after a period, full stop, should have been uppercase.

  5. I noticed it too, but only after re-reading it. Our brains are programmed to ignore that especially the placing of it. Cool to see anhoo :D

  6. We studeed somthing simlar to this in a language thery curse I took in witch you can steel make cents of massages like deez dspite my lack of sperling. Its not so phenomenal now that txting is so cummon.

    1. The human brain will fill in the ______ despite what our eyes see. In this case we can overlook certain repeated words because we know the repeated words don’t follow the natural rhythms of speech/writing, which are essentially muscle memory for native speakers.

  7. I was actually looking at the angle of the paper—I had to read it a few time to see what the illusion actually was. :p

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