Terrace Illusion recreated in LEGO

After Sandro Del Prete started the trend with his Folded Chessboard, many artists (inspired by his work) made an effort to recreate similar works based on Sandro’s idea. David Macdonald’s modern attempt even managed to surpass the original in internet popularity, and Megafon’s promotional poster went even further! But if you ask me, I’m almost certain none of this would ever exist if M.C. Escher decided to keep his portfolio away from public. And as it goes with famous works of art, they are recreated in LEGO more often than not. It was only a matter of time before artists like Brixie63 of Flickr recreated the “Terrace” using nothing but LEGO. Hope you like this one, and if you do – be sure to understand what Brixe did to achieve the illusion of impossible world below!

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  1. Very awesome. Here are the pics of how it was done:


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