Taller Than Eiffel Illusion

Edoardo Accenti and his wife took a trip to Paris. During that trip they made pretty cool relative size illusion using a role model from Edoardo father’s photo, taken 40 years before at the same spot! Looks wonderful how these two photos make the time appear still. Below you can see a vintage illusion from Edoardo’s father, right after jump to inner article, you will see his cute wife posing in a same way that makes it appear she’s touching antenna at the top of Eiffel Tower. They should make this some kind of tradition with their (future?) kids if you ask me, really liked both of these photos. For another famous building, see Pisa Tower illusion.

Click Here for a RANDOM Optical Illusion

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    1. It is, um. Oh yea! They stand a certain distance away, and raise thier arm! And it makes them look giant. I went there and did that too!

  1. cool ive done that before at the park w/ my bff and we were taking pics and it looked like we were holding eachother in our hand!! it was fun xPP

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