Take a Drink from Your Monitor Illusion

Greg Grease Lehman was creative again. First time he stumbled upon our website, was when he first found out we have featured one of his Tattoo’s. This time he creates rather interesting “Transparent Screen” optical illusion. Using a “mysterious” computer program, Greg managed to print and assemble 3D model of a Beer can, and align it in front of the monitor, in a way that it feels like he is taking the can right out of the monitor’s screen. Spooky and effective! He also sent a simple email aside: “Mr. Vurdlak, here is one (illusion) I made today.. No photo-shop involved.. I kinda like it.. – Grease”.

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  1. This illusion seems quite simple… That program probably allows cutout printing of the model, so Greg just printed out the model and folded it well to match what it appears to be on the computer screen. It is obvious that what he is holding is physical in the second picture due to the camera flash illuminating it much more than the monitor.

    1. I was surprised you didn’t realize it was a cut out by the 1st photo because the bottle was extending towards the bottom past the viewable screen of the monitor -_-

  2. I allways love these illusions, but this one isn’t worked out that well. The shadow on the holded object just doesn’t seem right, and besides there’s some shadow on the monitor. Too bad, because the idea is pretty good :)

  3. Yes, what he are olding are physical. Watch the first picture, juste up the 3D can. You can see a side of the computer image.

  4. I’m not so sure about these to be honest. I think it’s quite obvious they’re not on the screen. although i could’nt ever do anything like this so it’ pretty cool!

  5. Are you people serious? He is obviously holding a physical cutout of the model he created in what looks like AutoCad. It’s supposed to look kind of like an orthographic picture, with one left image, a right image, a top image, and a 3d image, but he actually made it 3d. Not too hard to understand. Nice job.

  6. obviously from the second picture, you cant get your finger in an out of a monitor…its going behind a physical object

  7. Guys, you’re all so quick to put this stuff down. Yes it’s obvious how it’s done but at first glance an interesting optical effect is achieved. You’re like the people who just say ‘photoshop’ whenever you see something odd. Actually you probably are those guys.

    But if this is so easy and thus unimpressive to achieve, why not create the illusion yourself, it’ll clearly be such a short and easy job.


    The mysterious Bob

  8. Now guys, it is obvious after some consideration that they are both paper cut-outs.

    But what were you taught at school…?
    …If you dont have something nice to say, don’t say it at all!

    And thats the end of it. Detention for those who oppose the mighty optical community. shame on you!

  9. basically a 2D cut out,. in the budweiser one, you can easily see the pic behind it!

    PS All of the technogirs submissions are mine. Sorry for being too intellectual and spoiling most illusions.

  10. Did anyone bother to read the description of the illusion??

    “Greg managed to print and assemble 3D model of a Beer can, and align it in front of the monitor…”

    So yes, it is indeed a paper cutout. They even said so! No brownie points for the people who had to work it out by looking at the pictures lol.

  11. You can see it’s a paper cutout on the first picture. If you look at the top left of the cutout, you can see some of the paper.

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