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Here’s one that has me puzzled for days! Even though we successfully cracked both the Mad Professor and Irish Leprechauns puzzle, I can’t seem to understand how this one works. As a reminder, these sort of vintage puzzles were quite popular back in the old days. They originally came sliced in multiple pieces, and could be put together in different ways, where each setup […]

Here and then I feel like having a burden of “responsibility”, where I remind myself it would be irresponsible if I didn’t al least provide occasional education, specially when there are so many young-ones among us, whose minds are still forming and thirsty for knowledge! Before I explain the science behind this interesting phenomenon called […]

Here’s one you probably missed seeing in the wild! Check out what Oxy did as part of their “Disappearing Dots” campaign. Sure, the effect has been more than re-re-cycled on our site, but the idea behind it qualifies it as very smart optical illusion advertising! Old-timers will probably remember how Ariel did something similar back […]

Green and Orange Afterimage Optical Illusion

To remind you what afterimage illusions do; after some period of staring at the certain image, the colors burn inside your eye retina, and after the illusion animation disappears, because of your newly gained super-powers, you’re still able to see the negative image afterwards. Now that we’ve repeated the basics, let’s see what today’s optical […]

Concentrate, and watch the blue vapor disappear

Even though visually simple, I promise you that the optical illusion effect this picture holds – is more than great!  Before we start, I’d like to point that the Cheshire Cat is a fictional cat popularized by Lewis Carroll’s depiction of it in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. The Cheshire Cat has had a notable impact […]