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penrose triangle illusion

The Penrose triangle, first popularized back in the 50’s by mathematician Roger Penrose is a peculiar impossible object that resembles an illusion only from a certain perspective. Check the animated #gif below and try and follow the ball moving around its path. It seems to make sense at first, but there’s just something off about […]

More often than not, I receive emails from fans all over the world. While most of them are complimentary, thanking me for maintaining this site and expressing gratuity for regular content, I also receive a complaint here and then (mostly addressing my English). Questions and suggestions fly in as well. One that stood out lately […]

As a Moillusions reader, you’ve undoubtedly already seen your share of Penrose Triangles both here and elsewhere. Even so, the concept remains fascinating, particularly when turned into real-life objects, because the design itself is, in actuality, impossible. That’s why this Steelwork Illusion created by Deskarati is simply so fascinating -the illusion is so subtle and […]

I’m certain that most of you illusion purists are already very familiar with the Penrose triangle illusion as it has already been featured extensively on the site. That being said, this great impossible font titled “Frustro” by its creator Martzi Hegedűs brings an entirely new angle (pardon the phun) to this classic illusion. While Hegedűs […]

As Freshome first reported, there is a new optical illusion toy in town, more specifically an impossible triangle vase. If you were looking for the perfect vase to match your favorite plant, 90° just may be the winner! Originally designed by Cuatro Cuatros, the product is based on a heavily familiar drawing of an impossible triangle, converted […]

Just came back from Paris yesterday evening. Can’t say I enjoyed much. Apart from marvelous architecture and breath-taking historic sights and museums, it felt like any other European metropolis. Perhaps I expected too much, thus was little bit disappointed. I enjoyed seeing Napoleon’s resting place at Les Invalides, and Louvre museum the most. There were […]

Bourdon Optical Illusion

There’s a new optical illusion in town, and its name is “Bourdon Illusion“. The Bourdon  illusion is the apparent “bentness” of the straight edge of a figure consisting of two elongated triangles arranged apex to apex. Like you see in the image on your left, the upper side of the left-lower triangle is actually aligned […]

Illusive Triangle Optical Illusion

Hmm, apparently you weren’t as enthusiastic as I was concerning my previous post. I don’t see why, but I’m an individual, and you are the deciding jury. Those rating stars keep me informed about your likes and dislikes, handy – ayeh? Probably you won’t adore this one neither, but let me tell you that if […]