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After Sandro Del Prete started the trend with his Folded Chessboard, many artists (inspired by his work) made an effort to recreate similar works based on Sandro’s idea. David Macdonald’s modern attempt even managed to surpass the original in internet popularity, and Megafon’s promotional poster went even further! But if you ask me, I’m almost certain none of […]


People are sheep. Why am I telling you this? Over the years, in periods when economy gets worse, I noticed a rising trend of forex-based-scams. These are advanced-pyramidal schemes, where so called “businessmen” convince you, you will get sky-rocket return if you invest your money in oil/gold/food/currencies.. marketplace. But the real truth is that your […]

Ad for Russian mobile communication company Megafon, inspired by Sandro Del-Prete

Just found this great advertisement done by one of the largest Russian mobile communication companies Megafon (which unfortunately, I never heard of). If you’ve been following our website from its very start, the photo below may look  somehow familiar to you. Yes, we posted “The Terrace” optical illusion (article title: “Parallel World”) back in March […]


An interesting look at the parallel world where anything is possible! What you see below is a successful variation of the “Folded Chessboard” classic painting done by Sandro Del Prete. Titled “The Terrace” this illusion became so popular around the net, that not many are aware of its original author – David Macdonald. The illusion […]